Everything Changes

  • What’s good???


    I been locked up half of my life.  Physically, I’m young but mentally wiser.  I been lucky to have met a lot of my old school homies in here that taught me the way and helped me evolve into a mature man.  I graduated from all that nonsense in the street, I have seen and done it all but I wouldn’t write a book disclosing names, even though I’ve changed I still hang out with the homeboys minus the guns and drugs.  I enjoy shows like Love & Hip Hop and I’m into sophisticated chicks like Yorma, Cardi B. and Yandi.  As times changes, so does people, I’m more patient and understanding all the time and don’t like arguing with women.  I’m very considerate of their emotions, even while in prison I continue to transform into a better man, you feeling me???


    Song dedication: “If I Ruled the World”

    By: Nas