Blog 9-23-16

  • Sexual Preference:  Women only


    Attractions:  Pretty face, eyes, hair, nice butt, in-shape figure, overweight but not fat.


    Turn ons:  Bubbly personality, a sexy woman in lingerie, white or pink cotton/novelty panties (someone has to encourage you to wear them, right?  Besides loot at me I love to wear silly/novelty shirts myself), WOMEN ARE NO DOUBT THE BEST


    Animal/Wildlife lover:  Dogs, cats, birds, squirrels, and ducks hmm.. quack?


    Business:  Looking to songwrite to express my feelings and help people to express themselves.


    Likes:  Family outings (camping, fishing, picnics), Sporting events/tailgating (baseball games, football games, NASCAR races), Music (listen to, learn, create new music),Books (I love diving into romance and young adult novels to take my mind off things), and going anywhere and doing everything with ‘my girl’ (searching for ‘my girl’).


    More info:  I’m a single, passionate, affectionate man, who wears his heart on his sleeve and likes humor, and can laugh despite my circumstance(s).  I’m lonely and miss female companionship. There’s nothing like:  being “in love”, catching those eyes of the woman you share sparks with, “passionate responses” to arguments and “family” nothing compares in the world.