Betrayal of Justice

  • I called my brother for advise after “evicted ex-boyfriend,” called to collect a couch.  My brother instructed me to, “Lock all entrances to garage apt…and don’t answer the door.”  I complied, took my meds and fell asleep.  I fell asleep knowing that no one could enter my home.  I awakened to my door being kicked in.  Two figures entered my dark home.  (It was later revealed my brother let them in garage bay area, contrary to prior instruction)  As I become more coherent, I witnessed figures coming towards me.  Right as I was jerked off the couch, I stabbed the invader one time, in self-defense pursuant to V.A.T.C. Penal Code §§9.31,9.32.  I scrambled from the floor, called 911, reported home invasion and self-defense wound, as suspects fled garage apartment.  I was treated like a criminal when cops arrived.  The D.A. construed false scenario to secure conviction.  “The Door wasn’t kicked in, Murder was premeditated b/c I called my brother before falling asleep, I was a lover scorned b/c of the break up.”  All were completely fabricated. 


    Injustices included: Police & Prosecutorial Misconduct, Abuse of Discretion, Due Process violations, Witness Perjury, Ineffective Assistance of Counsel-Trial and Appeal, Insufficient Evidence. 


    Proof of Innocence:

    1. Had no control over my brother’s actions. 

    2. No fingerprints on the door.

    3. Brother & father heard door being kicked in per affidavits. 

    4. Ex-boyfriend’s criminal record withheld contrary to Michael Morton Act. 

    5. Co-invader lied in court. 

    6. I moved ex-boyfriend out amicably. 

    7. Self-defense per V.A.T.C. Penal Code §§9.31,9.32…all feedback is welcome.



    C. Bolton #1164764