Blog P-UPDATE Date.Time: 070917.0920

  • Blog P-UPDATE    Date.Time: 070917.0920


    Well it’s been some time since I’ve wrote…been a bit busy lately and trying to keep a low profile so as to get some good-time back.


    I’d like to thank the ladies who have written…you’re all simply scorgeous (scorchingly GORGEOUS!) special thanks to K, G, R, T, C, C, L, and J.  And even more to “Missy X,” I didn’t know that a band aid and floss Bikini was a reality, Ye Haw!  you go girl!


    On a secondary note my home town (Tonasket, Washington) is building a new Swimming pool to replace the one built in 1949-50. A citizens Association is building it all with donations and NO tax dollars.  They have most of the money now but are still down about $200,000 (from a total of about 1.2 million).  They’ll also be in need of ongoing maintenance costs.


    It’s a small town so big bucks aren’t really available.  If you’d like to help out, you can send a contribution to:


    Tonasket Swimming Pool Association

    PO Box 1217

    Tonasket WA 98855