More about Myself

  • If you’re on this page & reading this blog there are a few thing’s you should all ready know about me, like my age, birth date & home town – but please allow for me to take you deeper into my world – who I am.  Well you should know my name – the “T” is for Terrill.  I go by many name’s but most just call me Hamp.  I was born in Rock Island, Illinois to Karen, at 17, & Larry, at 22.  I’ve also lived in part’s of Iowa, Minnesota & Oklahoma.  I’m a carmel complected man who keep’s a bald head, has brown eye’s, stand’s at 5’11” & weighs 150 to 195 pounds – I’m a Pisces.  I wear a size 12 to 13 shoe depending on the brand.  I’m the oldest of my mom’s three kid’s & the middle of my dad’s three.  I have two brothers by my mom – Johnathan (Boo) & Alphonse Jr. (Lil Al).  I have two sisters by my dad – Lamendra & Celeste.  I also have two little girls of my own – Damarkia, Dec. 15, 2000 & Damarionah, Oct. 11, 2004.


    I was raised in a middle class Christian home – mostly by my grandparent’s, Betty & Buford.  My mom has one brother – my Uncle Gary.  He has two son’s.  His oldest is six years older than me & more like an older brother to me.  His youngest is about two years younger than me.  Before I leave this earth I want to see as much of it as I can.  I’d like to sky-dive, scuba dive, go horseback riding, swim with the dolphins – just live & enjoy life.  I’d also like to open & have my own business.  I could add a lot more but I’d be forever listing them. The following are a few of my favorite things.


    Colors: Blue (all hue’s), Brown – I feel this color fit’s me & my life, my aura.


    Numbers: Five (5) & Seven (7).


    Music: I’m a fan of all good music, but mostly listen to R&B, oldies, & jazz.


    Pets: Dog’s, ferrets & monkey.  I’ve never had a ferret or monkey but would love to have either.


    Cars: Sports cars, Chevy’s & Dodge’s.


    Food’s: Gyros, pizza & most breakfast foods.  I went to school for cooking & love cooking.


    Video Games: Splinter cell, Metal Gear Solid, Call of Duty, Grand Thief Auto, Guitar Hero & many more.  I’m a heavy gamer.


    Movies: The Never Ending Story, Short Circuit, Coming to America, House Party (class act), Juice, Back to The Future, Jason’s Lyric, Poetic Justice, Butterfly Effect, Nightmare on Elm Street, Hell Raiser, Lover Jones, Ink Well, Love & Basketball, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, How Stella Got Her Grove Back - & any Bruce Lee, Jean-Claude Van Damme & those based on comics & many more.


    Sayings: Why put off for tomorrow the thing’s you can do today.  A fool & his money shall soon depart. Everyone must face one of two pains – the pain of discipline or the pain of regret.


    Heros:  My grandparent’s.