F.Y.I. (contacting me)

  • As it stand’s I’m in this special eighteen month long program where I cant email, my phone calls are very limited, I cant get visits & I can only take pictures when, & if, I get to another phase (ten months in) this program.  Once I’m done with this program – if I don’t get into any more trouble & have to start it over – I’ll be able to e-mail all I like, as long as I can pay for it ($.05 a minute).  I’ll get 300 phone minutes a month (each call no longer than 15 minutes), & can take pictures as often as I like ($1.00 per photo).  I’m not sure how visit’s work, I just know I’ll be able to get some.


    The only pictures I have at the moment are the pictures you see on this page.  As I said, I cant e-mail until I compleat this program so all my letters will have to be hand-written – you’ll have to excuse my hand-writing.  We get these little flex pen’s that’s no longer than my finger to write with.


    Sincerely, Damar