Can I Use You????

  • Now why is it that when you hear something like that the first thought that come’s to mind is something negative?  You think – money, sex, a place to live, a ride – etc.  You say – “aint no-one about to use me!”  Now let me ask you to try to think of “being used” as a positive instead of a negative – can you do it?  The fact of the matter is everyone use’s someone – more than just someone, everyone – in some kind of way.  You use everyone who’s involved in your life, & they use you as well.  You use your parent’s, your kid’s, your sibling’s, your significant other – EVERYONE!  Let me explain.


    You use people in your life for friendship’s, conversation’s, knowledge, love & companionship  You use them for hug’s & kisses, comfort & intimacy.  Those are just a few positive way’s to use & be used by someone.  So, can “I” use “you”?  What do I – an incarcerated man – want from you?  What can I use you for?  First let me say, I don’t drive down any of life’s one-way street’s, so I’m also offering myself to be used as well.


    Now what can we use each-other for?  I know & understand that everyone in the free world – including you – is moving at the speed of life.  So maybe you just had a bad day & no-one has the time to listen to you – I do!  Maybe you just need a friend who’s non-judgmental & understanding.  Maybe you just need conversation – a sounding board so to speak.  You may just want to share & gain some knowledge – maybe you just want some joy & laughter.  I’m pretty much shut away from the world – maybe you can take my mind away from here.  Let me find an escape through you – keep me up to date on the world.


    There’s a song that comes to mind when I think of my subject title.  I don’t know the name of that song but it goes something like this – “If it feels this good being used then just keep on using me, until you use me up!”  So you can positively use & be used - & it should feel good knowing that.  I’ll leave you with that.


    Sincerely, Damar