50/50 Love

  • When asked most will say that a relationship is suppose to be 50/50 – I don’t agree.  I believe that a relationship is suppose to be a beneficial partnership to both parties envolved, a give & take.  No-one should have to pull all the weight, or even most of it, with-out substantial help.  But – there may be time’s when you have to put in the whole 100, 90/10, 80/20, 70/30, 60/40, then 50/50.


    It should all even out though, so that goes vise versa as well.  See, there is no “perfect” relationship – only a perfect love!  What make’s a love perfect?  Understanding & sacrifice.  You have to take the time to get to know & understand the person whom you’re in a relationship with & be willing to make some sacrifices.  Love is easy – relationship’s can be hard, but it doesn’t have to be.  I’m sure you’ve heard the saying – “you only get out of life what you put in”.  That goes for love as well.  Think of love & your partner – your relationship – as an investment, you both have to invest into each other.  If & when you both do that you’ll get more than what you put in – you’ll get a 50/50 love.


    Sincerely, Damar