What Are You Hiding?

  • I was always told that you can know someone all your life, or theirs, & never truly know them.  We all hide things.  We hide things from our lovers in order to present what we think & feel is the best side’s of ourselves, but also because we feel if it’s a real & true love we should just be accepted – we expect the one’s we love, the one’s who love us, to simply understand us – without needing to ask much.  Maybe that’s why they say love is blind.  Not saying that that way of thinking is right or wrong – it’s just the way most think.  In a true relationship/partnership, the kind that last’s through-out the test’s of time, there is an unspoken communion.


    See, you’ll no longer need other people in your life once you’ve found your true love – a love that’s real.  Not saying you should start cutting everyone out your life – just that you’ll find that you don’t need them as you once have.


    When you have a love that’s real & true you should both meet each-others every desire & need.  Not so much that that’s the case as it’s written here, or stand’s as it sound’s.  Simply put love should make up for all that’s lacking.  It should help & make you want to lower your desires & need’s so that they can be met by the person whom you are with, then you can slowly build them back up at a pace that can be followed.


    Sincerely, Damar