What Is Beauty

  • That’s a question I’d like to ask you.  In some parts of the world a woman must have blond hair & blue eyes to be considered beautiful, yet in other parts of the world she must have green eyes, red hair, & freckles.  Some people like a woman with wide hips, perky breasts, & a big round bottom, - yet for others it’s a tight bottom, small breasts, & a boyish figure.  In some places they must be pale, while in others they have to be dark or brown.


    So, I ask you – who’s right & who’s wrong?  Are all these women beautiful?  Are they ugly?  Maybe they’re all the same?  I don’t believe that beauty is something simple, nor is it complex, - surely its not an illusion.  It’s in the eyes of the beholder, it’s just that it is so common that we often miss – we look over it.  We get so caught up in what others say beauty is – what they say is, or isn’t, beautiful – that we forget what’s beautiful to us.


    Take a field for instance – someone who has lived their whole life in a city may see a field & find a lot of beauty within the field – the green grass, trees & the colors of the leaves, the colors of the flowers, etc.  Now someone who sees that very same field every day may rarely, if ever, take notice to how beautiful that field is.  Like that field, people can be beautiful in many different ways, on the inside as well as the out.  Just because you don’t find someone beautiful doesn’t mean that they aren’t beautiful.  As the saying goes – “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”.  When someone may feel most deprived of outer beauty, to the point to where they long to be beautiful, that’s when they may come to realize that they must rearrange their hearts so that beauty will spring from them just as those beautiful flowers of that field I mentioned not to long ago.


    So, please tell me – what’s beautiful to you?  What’s your beautiful?  & what makes you beautiful?