A Man Among Men

  • I was always taught that it’s wrong for the strong to bully the weak, just as it’s wrong for the wise to get over on & rob the stupid, or for the patient to take advantage of someone’s impatience.  These are just ways for people to enslave others.  Why should we treat others as mere tools – or worse, as obstacles for our own enjoyment & entertainment?


    The kind of man I hope to be is a man who can & will win the heart, love, & respect of his fellow man.  That’s just one of my many hopes.  It’s harder to win a heart than it is to win the lottery, it’s easier to weather a ruff storm than it is to storm a heart.  It’s harder to hold someone’s trust than it is to hold water in cupped hands.


    Yet this is the kind of man I hope to be – someone with knowledge, wisdom, & understanding.  Someone who knows right from wrong & chooses right, not because I have to but because I want to, simply because it’s right.  Because a gangster is only a gangster when he can stand as such among other gangsters - & a man is only a man when he can stand as such in the presence of other men.  I hope to be like my grandfather – a man among men!