A Love That's Real & True

  • I’ve seen couples before, how over time they share everything – becoming so close that they’re as one, even picking up on one another’s oddest thoughts & habits.  I long for such a union – to where we are as one.  I want to have someone who is, who will become an extention of me - & I an extention of her.  The bed will no longer be mine, or yours – but ours.  My body is no longer my body, your body is no longer your body – it’s our body.  Where your fate will be tied to mine, & mine to yours.  Your hopes, dreams, & wishes become my hopes, dreams, & wishes - & vise versa.  I don’t want any walls or divisions to come or be between us, for if there are any walls or divisions between us then we’re not truly one.


    If you listen to every man or woman who speaks you can hear as they silently express the same wants & needs.  I want to love & need to be loved, I want to comfort & need to be comforted – I want & need freedom!  I want & need a love that’s real & true.