Worthy of Love

  • When I was little both my grandparents loved me enough to care for me, even when they were tired & wanted nothing more than time to themselves, working long, hard hours & shifts to provide for us, beyond the simple needs but many wants as well.  Maybe I was lucky, because I got something most never had.


    I learned that the most romantic love has a good amount of lust in it, with an equal amount of respect.  But the main ingredient is devotion.  I learned firsthand about love & marriage from people who knew how to love, how to show & give love, people who had a good marriage & were married for many years – my grandparents.


    Making love isn’t love – too many people confuse the two, carnal urges have nothing to do with love – at least not any kind of love that I’d want – it doesn’t last.  Love must be founded on respect & friendship.  Let desire grow from that, so that when & if desire wears thin you’ll still have friendship & respect.


    When two people fall in-love, it doesn’t amaze me that it happened.  I find myself being happy for them & hoping to someday find what they’ve found.  I may wonder what qualities they see in each other that I may of missed.  But I respect people who have the courage & sense to live & love to the best of their abilities.


    I believe that everyone is born worthy of love.  What’s even more is that we stay worthy.  Some may condemn people for ‘falling in love’.  They may feel that there aren’t any ‘human treasures’ to be found.  But I believe that people are better than we think them to be.  Even the people we think of as the “worst” have potential that’s often over-looked by most.


    A spouse is someone who should work beside you, who should keep you warm on cold nights.  They’re someone who’ll worry about your when no-one-else even knows something is wrong.  They’re the one you’ll want holding your hand through the hard times & sharing the laughs through the good.