Dear Dalila

  • Dear Dalila:


    My name is Mel Bomprezzi, I am going on fifty years old.  I ask you if you’d be interested in going in on two business ventures with me.  It is an educational business.  The first company The Messy Deci number system.  It is as follows:


                103 = 1st milli             1033 = 2nd milli           1063 = 3rd milli

                106 = 1st billi              1036 = 2nd billi            1066 = 3rd billi

                109 = 1st trilli             1039 = 2nd trilli           1069 = 3rd trilli

                1012 = 1st quad          1042 = 2nd quad         1072 = 3rd quad

                1015 = 1st quin           1045 = 2nd quin          1075 = 3rd quin

                1018 = 1st sexto         1048 = 2nd sexto         1078 = 3rd sexto
                1021 = 1st septo         1051 = 2nd septo         1081 = 3rd septo

                1024 = 1st octo           1054 = 2nd octo          1082 = 3rd octo

                1027 = 1st noni           1057 = 2nd noni          1087 = 3rd noni

                1030 = 1st deci            1060 = 2nd deci          1090 = 3rd deci


    I would like to have classes, one class to learn up to a 10th deci.  Class II would be up to a 20th deci.  Class III would be up to a 30th deci, etic.


    The second business is a language school called Tongues Academy.  I’ve got a trade secret on learning foreign languages focusing on oral communication.  I learned Spanish up to 2nd grade in nine months with my Spanish-speaking cellmate named Marcelino Ibarra Jimenez, one hour per day.


    Please consult with your parents.


    The trick is you and I need to be proficient in the numbers and languages in order to be good at the business.  I offer you a fifty percent share in each company, but I have a fifty-one percent voting right in the companies.



    Mel Bomprezzi



    I’ve seen your enthusiasm in Odd Squad.  It is infectious.  Hell, maybe if we’re lucky, we can get a show on PBS.  You never know.  Otherwise, we can maybe do an infomercial.



    Learning the numbers is especially difficult. I’ve tried reorganization.  I don’t have it down yet.  Each class, like Class I, is one hundred memorizations.  If we teach young minds, well, maybe that’s the secret.



    I can pitch The Messy Deci to IBM and Microsoft, accounting and banking firms.



    We can translate star distances in light years into miles.  For instance the width of our Milky Way galaxy is about one – 1st sexton miles if I recall my calculations.



    The reason I am so generous is I need an Echo, an enthusiastic sounding board.  I’ve worked the numbers with 65-year-old Bryant Scott.  He was enthusiastic during our Messy Deci tutorial sessions.  People seem to like the numbers, at least the inmates I’ve dealt with.