• Dear Internet Browsers:


    I spend my days in prison trying to learn terraforming and The Messy Deci number system.


    Terraforming is transferring an earth ecosystem to another earth planet.  I spend my time trying to learn plant and animal names.  There are over 1.5 million (1.5-1st billi) plant species, and there are over 2 million (2-1st billi) animal species.


    My hope is one day to learn genetics of as many plants and animals that I can.  I hope one day to help transfer our ecosystem to another earth planet.


    I created a number system called The Messy Deci number system which is a very organized number system of very large numbers.  Write me if you want more information.  I’ve been memorizing the rudiments of my Messy Deci.


    For instance 10


    For instance 103 equals a first milli.  10300 equals a 10th deci.  10900 equals a 30th deci.  The Messy Deci is




    One day I would like to publish a list of my numbers in a book or magazine format.


    Meanwhile I’ve created a war on our planet called The Brutish British War.  The losers of the Brutish British War forfeit 67% of their wealth to the winners of the war.  The Brutish British War involves our GEICO Earth with eight neighboring solar systems.  The Brutish British War ends January 1st, 3001, and is the reason for so much human strife.


    You stay classy planet GEICO Earth.


    Oh, yeah, has anyone located the Space Traveling Dinosaurs’ hide out?


    Sincerely, Mel Bomprezzi