The Feeling and What It Means to Receive a Letter. Part 1

  • What I feel and what it means to receive mail when stuck in the underworld.  I’m sure I speak for a lot of prisoners when I say this; to the blind eye and the average person that has never been to my world.  A letter might be a simple note, a quick email or an insignificant text, nothing of great appreciation, aspiration or worth.


    To me, a letter is the best thing that can happen next to a visit but that’s debatable because visits end with a goodbye, tears and heartache. (Again, debatable) But that’s not what this blog is about, as opposed to a letter; it is an envelope with a little bit of everything: hope, inspiration, motivation, love and last but not least, it is a portal out of these walls.  An escape from the cell to a peaceful state of mind. Positive and optimistic where there’s no worries or anxieties, except maybe the fear of not being able to return the favor in making your day and putting a smile on your face.


    As you begin to read, you don’t want it to end, it’s like a good movie.  You want it to last forever, so you read slow, paying attention to every detail of her penmanship enjoying every syllable and expression all while admiring it’s lucidity and once you reach the end you’re left with a smile.