My Voice

  • Well I am back to state my struggle with the unjust legal system continues.  Life has been hard and confusing at times.  I continue to hope and pray that things will turn around.  I know I just need a little assistance to overcome this situation and I know someone reading this will provide me with it.  Someone will see that I was sold out and that person will want justice as much as I do.  My back is against the wall due to my inability to obtain the transcripts or do the investigating work necessary.  I have everything against me right now but as long as “my voice” can be heard my fight will not stop.  I hope “my voice” falls on ears that have the same fight in them as I have in me.  I know once we meet we will prove our legal system is broken and this cannot continue.  We need change by holding state’s attorneys and police officers accountable for their actions.  They shouldn’t be allowed to put individuals in jail for all these years base on fraudulent information or false evidence just to obtain a conviction.  This affects not only that individual but their kids as well.  Where their kids have to grow up without one of their parents.  It is not only a psychological effect on that individual but on the kids to understand the reason their parent is incarcerated.  I hope things turn around for me and that someone realizes they want to be apart of my struggle. I close this with hope, patience and the will to want justice on my behalf.  Thank you for finding time to read this update.