Blog 11-4-17

  • Hi,


    I hope everyone reading this is well and happy! I haven’t written in awhile since the surgery on my spine, which has caused other medical issues like my prostate cancer, thyroids, balance problems to get worse.  It’s been hard for several months.  But I have been working on my criminal case and found a trustful lawyer that’s not corrupt and that’s hard to do in Illinois. Illinois is the most corrupt state for lawyers in the legal system, but this lawyer is highly respected. She’s agreed to take my case and help in what I need or want her to do at this point: Use all the corruption and wrong done by the court and attorneys to force them to cut my sentence or give me time served, turn me loose.  The reason I’m not fighting the wrongful conviction is first, I have been locked up for over 25 years right now and my health is failing.  I need to go home to get proper medical treatment, meds and food.  Then I can also make money to hire a firm to clear my name, but that takes a lot of money and time.


    Now to another part of this blog, I’m asking if anyone wants to help by donating any amount to help pay the attorney, the cost is between $7-9 thousand total.  I’m working to put up $3,000 up front for retainer that she will take off the total.  So I’m asking for any donations anyone can help with. 


    The only way we can receive money is through JPay with my name Roy Clemons B#34475.  I will be glad to pay anyone back as soon as I can or when I get out if you send your name and address.


    Thanks for reading my blog.


    God Bless!