A Real Blessing

  •             Hi to everyone reading this personal blog!  I just wanted to share some thoughts and a real blessing that I received this year because of this website.

                As you can see, I started this site off as just a legal site then I changed it to a personal site as well, hoping to maybe meet someone.  I have been honest in what I have said.  I really never had much faith that anyone would write me because of my past or bad choices in my life. I didn’t get but maybe five letters from all the hits I got.  So I was about to give up and drop my website.

                Well, here starts my blessing.  See, for years I have been trying to contact my first-born daughter, Tammy.  So I could tell her I loved her and that I have always wanted to be apart of her life.  Her mother and I were really young, like around 16 and 18.  We were both mixed up, trying to be adults and made a lot of wrong decisions.  We would not listen to anyone.  We split up around 1973 and we even did that wrong.  I always wished we could have stayed together and raised our kids because of all the hard things we went through.  At one time, we had to have loved each other.  Here’s the blessing.  Just a few weeks ago, I got a letter and it was from my daughter, Tammy.  I started shaking and then I cried.  I was scared to open it.  I didn’t want to see the words “I hate you” or something bad.  But God blessed me.  She was nice and told me she was my daughter Tammy and that I had grand kids, great grand kids and she said maybe we could get to know each other.  No one could ever know how I felt or how much my heart was happy.  I could have been happy to just tell her I’m sorry for letting her down and not being a father and ask her to forgive me please.  To say I never forgot her and she has always been in my heart.  I love her!

                So I am trying to say, never give up on yourself.  God knows when it’s right and what we need.  This has cleared up all doubts about God and what he can do for us.  This has changed my life and this is one real Happy Old Man for just getting to tell my daughter, “I’m sorry and please forgive me.”  I love her with all my heart.  So don’t give up, He knows where your heart is.

                I also want to thank these people that have this prison website and I am going to try to keep this site forever.



    Roy Clemons