Poete Maudit Poetry Collection Volumes 1 & 2

  • Poet Maudit is a platform for those who want to have a voice, play a role, be an actual member of society by creating artful and soulful expression. There target audience are prisoners.


    One of there recent endeavors was Poete Maudit Poetry collections Voluments 1 & 2.


    Two of my poems appear in Poete Maudit Poetry collections Volume 1:

    "Without a Net" and "Still Waiting." These poems deal with the relationships with my dad and stepdad and the deep emotional scars they left.


    My poem "Boxes" appears in Poete Maudit Poetry Collection Volume 2.


    This is exciting because it is the first time my work has appeared in an anthology. You can purchase Poete Maudit Poetry Collection Volume 1 & 2 on Amazon.