Transcendent Visons 2016

  • Transcendent Visions 2016 features eight of my poems: Reality, The clock in the living room…, The Process, Winged Clocks, On the blue eagle’s wings…, Painful Truths, Between the Borderlines, and A poppy field blossoms…  The most I’ve had published at the same time.  Written mostly in “alternative” mind states, these poems are among my most personal and revealing.  My favorites are, On the blue eagle’s wings… written after watching Dom the Bom’s Triple Threat (see video) in an altered mind state, and Between the Borderlines, which is about my ongoing struggles with self-harm.


    This was my third consecutive year appearing in Transcendent Visions.  I hope to continue my streak.


    Almost 25 years in print, Transcendent Visions is a rare beast indeed.  I appreciate and admire editor David Kime’s dedication and DIY approach.  I love Transcendent Visions because it reminds me of the punk ‘zines I grew up reading in the ‘90s and hope David Kime gets his wish to “keep T.V. going for another 20 years or until they decide to do away with paper.”


    Transcendent Visions 2016 was chock-full of great work, which makes it difficult to choose a favorite piece.  I most related to Sid Pair O’ Dice because he writes about prison and mental illness.  I also appreciated John Thompon’s boyfriend poems because they mirror my current gloriously dysfunctional relationship.  And of course, Sheryl L. Nelms’ work was amazing.


    Though targeted toward artists living with mental illness, I recommend Transcendent Visions to anyone “searching for a peaceful existence in the Age of Google.”


    For more info., write to:


    David A. Kime

    251 S. Olds Blvd.

    Apt. 84

    Fairless Hills, PA 19030


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