Open Minds Quarterly

  • My poem, “The Process” appears on page 17 of the Spring 2016 issue of Open Minds Quarterly. My picture and bio. (containing a link to this profile), appear on the About the Authors page.


    Published in Canada by the Northern Initiative for Social Action (NISA), Open Minds Quarterly is a literary magazine dedicated to “the poetry and literature of mental health recovery.”  OMQ gives its contributors dignity by publishing their work in a professionally laid-out and sleek magazine and giving them exposure on social media. It is important to note that I am the only prisoner in this issue, and that my work appears alongside people with advanced degrees, which shows that my work was accepted for its merit. I find this validating. As a poet and writer living with mental illness in prison, I've noticed that many people don't expect much out of my writing or dismiss it altogether.


    My favorite poem was "Psychiatric Revolution," and it inspired me to write a similarly themed poem. Though I could also closely relate to “on living to be 22 when you wanted to die at 17” by Emily Crozier.


    I had such a positive experience, I definitely plan on submitting work to Open Minds Quarterly.


    To learn more about Open Minds Quarterly, go to: