Why Racism

  • The racial situation.  We will never overcome the “Racial” dilemma until we stop thinking in terms of colour and start thinking in terms of “Ethnicities.”  The former creates divisiveness and the latter appreciates diversity.  The fact is that we are indeed different.  But different doesn’t necessitate inequality.


    When we subject ourselves to a racial identity, what logically follows is a racial distinction that places one “Race” above another.  In fact, we are all God’s children.  It’s Survival of the Fittest motivated by Racial Supremacy when we think in terms of “Ethnicities.”  However, we think the way God thinks, we see a White person as a White person.  We see a Black person as a Black person.  We se a Brown person as a Brown person, we acknowledge that although we have different skin pigmentations.  The bottom line, we are all equally part of one race.


    Black, Red, Pink, Brown and White, we are equally precious in this sight.


    The questions I ask White Supremacy:

    1. Do you know me?
    2. Then how can you dislike me, cause the color of my skin?


    “Once Race of People.  That’s God’s People! In the end, who do you side with?  God’s way or world’s way?”


    How was racism created?  And why?


    Let’s put a end to all racial situation, I’m a victim of Texas injustice system for a crime I didn’t do…I’m looking for justice


    Sir Andrew Sr.