Blog 10-27-17



    I am a number, a sad statistic.  I’m a fragmented afterthought in your mind.  I’m a tortured dreamer, haunted by the memory of a very brief, tragic moment in my history.  I am a man humbled by and accountable for all my mistakes.


    Like you, my life experiences have made me who I am.  I am not a reflection of that one tragic experience.


    It’s said that adversity builds strength, character, what does that say of a man with my past?


    I was born into a world of alcoholism and drug abuse.  I seen things no child should have to see.  My heroes, Ha!  I hit my first joint around the age of eight.


    Before I was 18 I was shooting up Heroin.  I was in prison two years later.


    Even though I did not kill anyone, I got convicted of murder.  Because I didn’t tell, I took the fall.


    I’m still paying for my ill-advised silence, 21 years later.


    I have not touched a drug since 1993.  I’ve educated myself, healed myself from within.  I live in here but I’m not alive.  I’ve graduated a Restorative Justice course and taught myself to draw, paint and tattoo.  Each day I strive to do and be a better a person, and prove that I deserve a second chance.  Nothing can be taken for granted again.


    So who is Terry?


    You would have to ask my friends and family, anyone who has given me a chance.  I hope they’d say he’s sincere, strong and forgiving.  That he is a positive role model who never gave up on us or his dreams.


    I was raised to look for the best in people, respect women, protect children and treat people how I wish to be treated.  I don’t want to be remembered for my mistakes but known for what I did after them.


    I’m requesting motivated supporters willing to contact attorneys and possibly organize a Fund Raiser to sell my art and hire an attorney.


    Click over to Legal Docs section, read about my wrongful conviction, then ask yourself, what would you do?