In Pursuit of Happiness

  • In pursuit of happiness I search for companionship first. This person & I must be compatible in order for it to work. I say that because I am a very unique person. I don’t tolerate much non-sense and so people who play games don’t last long with me because I’m not into wasting my time. Time is a person's most precious asset. I am a natural leader, I don’t allow for no one else to dictate my thoughts and or actions. One of my favorite quotes is: "he has the power to define has the power to rule." Ben Ammi.  In life I believe the most rewarding thing a person can do is "know thyself." When one truly knows themself they can take advantage of their strengths and pick up the slack as to their weaknesses... but in doing so a person must learn to be humble and be 100% honest with themself. A lot of people are in denial about a lot of things, especially their own flaws. I feel like I need a queen to balance me out. I've had a lot of time to think of my past mistakes and I realize that most if not all of my mistakes I made were against the better judgment & intuition of my significant other.... Had I listened to her I wouldn't be here now. I lost her and to this day I regret it. But at the same time I feel like everything happens for a reason and had it not been for those experiences I wouldn't have learned the lesson and with that being said, I must say that I accept my lost as a blessing because what I learned from this experience is priceless.