My Incarceration

  • My incarceration was because I had the wrong dream. I only blame myself. I was 17 and got caught with 6 oz. of cocaine. So I’ve been down since 19. But I don’t regret this time. Meeting you is one reason and the others are my self-improvements. Of course there’s the typical things, like being fit and tatted.   But I mean the things one must achieve on his own, like education.  I’ve got a G.E.D, Auto Vocational, High School Diploma, OSHA Certification, Anger Management and cognitive.  Which gives me all I need to make parole. I’m also an artist, barber and a little music.  We were making good money when I was out.  But most of my friends are incarcerated in the Feds because of cartel ties.  So I opened my mind to be the success stories I’m destined to be.  I had a tax permit and sold clothes and phones to show where the money came from.  But now I see the legal world is easer than this.  I’ve been sober since 2013 but it took me getting caught with a ½ oz. of KZ to get me to realize it.  Now I’ve been motivated by more important things.  I’m youngish and have learned before it’s too late.  Now it’s all up hill.  For you to take time to read this shows you’re a patient woman, so you have my undivided attention.  I wrote this to let you make your decision off of the real me.  Things like traveling.  Don’t believe the movies about us.  Mexicans are swagged up in Texas.  We don’t rock bald heads and big mustaches. HA. I love all women and relate to all cultures.  Don’t judge a book by its cover.