Blog 8/12/17

  • Hello, my name is Nathan, also known as Nate.  I am interested in starting a friendship.  As my release date draws near, I find myself looking forward to a bright and productive future.  Having a friend beyond these walls sounds like a great way to begin my transition into society.  In turn, I am very capable of contributing to our friendship as I have learned valuable insights having lived a life full of challenges and adversity.


    Friendship is a journey that unravels at its own place.  If you write me you will find out that I am patient, loyal and easy to get along with, I’m a great listener so you can be yourself with me.  I am confident that I can brighten your days as much as you’ll brighten mine.  I spend my days reading, listening to music, drawing, going to college and working out.  I’m looking for a friendship to help get through these days.  I look forward to hearing from you soon.Smile