Blog 12-7-17

  • I’ve been incarcerated for going on 24 years straight and my prison sentence started in USP Lompoc, which is maximum security federal penitentiary in California. When I expired that sentence I was extradited directly to state prison to finish out the balance of this sentence.


    There seems to be a fascination about prison and what goes on in prison so I’ve begun writing a book, which is a true story about my prison experience throughout the years. In it I’m describing not only my own personal experience but I’m also talking about things that happen behind these razor wire fences until my release and then at that point I will put everything together in an eBook that will be available…But for now I’m willing to share my writings with anyone who is interested in reading them so I can get feedback on what people think of what I’ve written so far?


    If you’re interested in reading what I’m writing then this is what you will need to do…follow the instructions in my profile to set up a JPay account as that will enable us to correspond by email messages through that site. Once you’ve set up your account you will need to purchase stamps on that website in order to send messages to me. When you’ve done all of that, send me a message and let me know you would like to read my book entries and I will begin sending them to you. Be sure to log in to your JPay account on a regular basis to check your inbox messages as I will always get back to you as soon as I hear from you.