Free Nutt Sr. Book Trailer: Written Narrative about my book

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    Book Trailer: Written Narrative about my book


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           Keyshawn and Daqaun Daniel's are two young wild brothers growing up in the hood with one thing on their mind. Advancing in the drug underworld of organized crime. With that being said, Daqaun helped Keyshawn start and establish the No Sleep Gangstas'. A ruthless crew of dope slingers who use intimidation, extortion, murder and mayhem to control their drug turf. It's true, their favorite motto was: If I can't eat with you, **** you, ain't no use to even fakin' that ****.' Keyshawn instilled that motto in their heads along with integrity, loyalty, and finesse. But it was fruitless because his run in the streets was obsolete before he could even get his feet planted. Yeah the Head *****' in Charge received 8 years for a botched robbery as soon as they began their reign of terror in the streets, leaving his brother Daqaun at the top of the hierarchy board.


        Daqaun, however wasn't satisfied to simply share in the profits of the drug game ---- he wanted to own it. So in the mid to late 2000's, along with a group of thugs lead by Keyshawn's top enforcer, Leonard "Trigger," Edwards, together they embarked on a robbery spree of rival dealers designed to intimidate all competition.


       In Daquan's utter ruthlessness, he was unique. If you purchased drugs from him or his cousin Eazy, and failed to pay them back promptly, Daqaun would abduct, rob, and then kill you. If he bought drugs from you and didn't feel like paying, he would kill you. When ordering a hit, Daqaun instructed his goons to kill their victims in broad daylight and/or on sight. Yes, it was insane, but the violence paid off.


       With his brother pulling all the strings from the state penitentiary, Daqaun was able to build a distribution network stretching from Chicago to Ohio. He had dozens of employees and raking in five million dollars a year.


    PS. This is for my friends that has not had a chance to learn what I'm about ... I just felt like sharing some of my work with you... In the near future I will be releasing: Cincinnati Jack Boys 2: A Nightmare on Elm and Green Street ... This book will also be filled with action from beginning to end ... I swear to all of you I will not stop writing ... This is something I've really fell in love with ... It's like I'm out in the trenches living this **** lol ...  Anywho please watch the video on U-tube and order you a copy ...