Hey World???

  • Hey world???


    Here’s some jewels for you!




    What’ is it?  to me it’s the lack of understanding something or someone.  It’s crazy how we can fear something that we don’t know or fear someone that we don’t know.  Like I said, it’s the lack of understanding.  We break fear down by dissecting it and analyzing it at its core, we do that by doing a self-evaluation and learning what it is we fear.  Once we’ve learned and gained insight on what it is we fear, we realize how crazy we are for giving someone or something that much power over us…



    I don’t have access to CorrLinks, but can receive JPays at www.JPay.com, that’s the website.  JPay is the fastest way for you to send a letter.  I do have access to TDCJ’s phone system.  I can’t just call though due to restrictions TDCJ has placed on us offenders.  If you would like for me to call you’ll have to register your phone number.  Here’s how: By phone, (866) 806-7804 or www.TexasPrisonPhone.com at the website…