• I heard the Pastor of our church describe community as common-unity.  Wow!  Awesome concept.  As a young person, my world and interests were “me”.  I did a few community based activities but didn’t grasp the concept.  Today most of society has unplugged from the physical community and gone “wireless”, communicating through texts, email, FaceBook, Twitter, instagram, snapchat, etc.; it is no wonder there is so much disconnection within “physical” communities, while people strengthen bonds through “virtual” or “internet” communities.  A community should be based on common-unity and these common-unities set as examples for young people.  Children should be able to see cooperation in deterring crime, standing together for important issues, helping one another in time of need, watching out for one another, etc.  I remember a time when neighbors may have disliked one another, but when help was needed they were there because the “common-unity” was everyone knew what it was like to be disadvantaged in some way.  Today, we know more about a person online than a person who lives in our building or on our street.  While I don’t believe building community is a solution to all the problems people experience individually or collectively, I do believe this is a step, when combined with other unselfish steps, will lead to a place where individuals feel a sense of common-unity within their communities and see some problems experienced inside their communities decrease.  The worst thing that could happen is you meet new people and together some problems are avoided or eliminated.  How do you start?  Turn off your devices, walk to your neighbor’s door, knock, when the door opens begin with “Hello, I am (state your name) and I am one of your neighbors.”  It starts with a step.  Will you take that step towards community?


    Peace, Donald