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  • When the mainstream media publishes news about men who’ve been convicted of serious crimes, one voice almost never gets heard.  The voice of the incarcerated.  Instead the stories feature mostly official sources – government officials, law enforcement officials, janky journalists – and sometimes victims. 


    The result – articles that are slanted badly that don’t give a full picture of any given criminal case.


    All the worlds a stage.  April 23rd, 2009, the vaulted room.  The judge seated there in her black robe that go back to antiquity.  The prosecution’s team waiting, lawyers seated at the table, me watching on, listening.  Real life-and-death theatre.  Pumped.  Adrenaline is flowing.  There are lawyers who do this and dread it.  Other lawyers won’t do it all.  They can’t handle the stress.  And for some it’s mother’s milk, they thrive on it, it’s in their blood.  There’s my side of the case and everyone else’s.  In it all, there’s that pure kernel of truth.  It’s like a vein of gold, you know it’s there but sometimes it’s hard to recognize, harder to get to, to extract.  You have to separate it from the stuff that looks like gold but isn’t, the stuff that can mislead you.  Send you down the wrong path, keep you from what it is you’re after.  You are after the truth. You are not after vindication.  You are not after a payback.  You are not after solving a problem for society.  You are after the truth and you have to find it and be true to those findings.  You can’t let how you feel or how society’s supposed to feel or what you think “should be” get in the way of finding out the truth.


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