Justice and Truth

  • “Wholly innocent” means a person who had no part in the crime charged.  An innocent person is deprived of life, liberty, the opportunity to contribute to society, while the guilty party is free to commit more crimes.  Whereas in some cases, the question is “Do you claim to be actually innocent of all of the charges?  If not, which charges are you innocent of?”  And “If you were involved at all in any of the crimes for which you are now in prison, how were you involved?”  In many instances, no crime was committed in the first place – an accidental fire is mistaken for arson or a suicide is charged as homicide.  How does this happen?


    Faulty eyewitness identification, tunnel vision investigators, over zealous prosecutors, confessions attributed to a defendant can easily be coerced or falsified, junk science, compromised experts, a publicized judiciary are major factors, along with a credulous public.


    I’m currently serving a life sentence for SOME crimes I didn’t commit.  My Post-conviction Petition is on appeal because of NEW EVIDENCE, which could lead to some exonerations in a few years, to eventually my freedom.


    My hope is that sooner rather than later, the truth will come out and I’ll be vindicated for the crimes that didn’t happen.  I want justice not just for myself but for EVERYONE INVOLVED AND EFFECTED.


    Why should you be concerned about wrongful convictions?  If we can begin to get to know each other, the answers will become clear:  It can happen to anyone, including you.  What can you do?  Educate yourself.  Think.  Ask questions.  Stop rewarding malfeasance.  It starts with just one person.  It starts with YOU.


    Do you think you have what it takes?  If so, then don’t hesitate to contact me with hour thoughts.  What do you have to lose?