• Dear Kevin,


    A part of me died from the loss of you but a new part now lives.  Within my laws of spirituality I believe that we carry a part of the soul that was lost to us.  In this belief I do carry you.  I speak with you and I share with you. You are forever a part of me, and I you.


    I’ve wanted to put this open letter out for you for some time now.  I also wanted a music video to go with it. For some reason this video reminds me of our good years, before things got dark for us.  The loss of you has brought to light how truly alone I am.  But with this pain comes anger. And as only you would know, my anger drives me.  It drives me to get back to the man I once was, it drives me to overcome this hell of prison life and, it drives me to carry you with me.


    We still have things to do together.  I know in my heart we are now one and I share my life with you.


    We are FAR FROM OVER!!


    I love and miss you my brother.