Sentence Structure

  • I thought it would be best for me and for everyone reading this to be informed of my time and crimes.  My sentence is 25 to 30 years for Manslaughter as well as two counts of assault with a dangerous weapon and two counts of intimidation of a witness.


    My sentence structure is 18 to 20 years for manslaughter, and 5 to 10 years for the other four charges rolled up into one.  As I serve my 18 to 20 for manslaughter and earn good time, by working and completing institutional programming, the 5-10 numbers come down.  When I have 5 years left to serve I will go before a parole board to see if I can be released to a halfway house or a work release program.


    As I earn more “good time” the following dates come down.  P.E. stands for Parole Eligibility.


    P.E. Date:  May 24, 2026

    Max Date:  May 25, 2031


    I hope this has helped with understanding my sentence structure.  I would like to assure my friends and family that prison is not beating me.  Every-day I do my very best to be a better son, father, grandfather and a better person.  It takes hard work, focus and dedication to get through the negativity I’ve put not only myself through, but the hurt, loss and pain I put my family through.


    I’ve made my changes for you.