The Truth Shall Set You Free?

  • The golden law of the bringer of light is truth.  However, no one respects this concept anymore.  Everyone hates a liar, but no one is telling the truth.  Well here is a truth from a convict’s perspective.


    The way I see it is no one is themselves anymore.  You can only be what T.V., TMZ and rap music allows you to be.  Whatever happened to when Hip-Hop meant Rebel?  NWA, Public Enemy and KRS1...I mean what happened?


    Also, before 9-11 how many people knew what a Muslim was?  I know that ever since we’ve done everything to be apart of the life style.  The terrorist is the new age Satanist.  Look, I know not all Muslims are terrorists, as well as I know all terrorists are Muslim.


    And why is it when you get mad at a flamboyant homosexual you are outcasted and labeled a homophobe?  Me, I just hate Assholes!


    Farrah Abraham made a sex tape for money to support the future of her child.  She was outcasted and labeled a dumb whore.


    Kim Kardashian made a sex tape for money and fame.  She was embraced and labled a role model for young girls.




    Stop bullies and racism?  I know of a man of color who is being bullied for his color and his ignorance and as he does his best to learn his job, he is relentlessly being tormented.  His color is orange and his name is Trump!


    I issue a challenge to the reader.  Go one week without lying “Not to anyone for any reason” no matter the cost.  Speak your mind.  Do you think it can be done?


    Good Luck :)