Hello to All Around the World

  • I’m writing this from a California prison cell with a heartfelt “Hello to all around the world.” – Hello to all people of all walks of life…all cultures…all ethnicities…all styles…all backgrounds…all colors of the human race.


    Also Johnny’s talking to you…”Hello to whoever you are” browsing through his profile right now for any reasons. – “Welcome!”


    Johnny’s wishing he can view who you are adding more views to his profile.  Johnny doesn’t mind any of your comments about the contents of his profile (music videos, photos, words, etc.). It’s encouraged to comment on whatever you want.


    Johnny also doesn’t mind if you’re W.E.I.R.D. (meaning: Wonderful. Exciting. Interesting. Real. Different.) In any sense of that meaning, if you’re weird then own it and rock all that amazing unique sh*t right now and forever.  It’s an awesome thang!  Embrace your fears and unique weirdness.  Be yourself and believe in yourself no matter what everyday.  The person beneath the surface of your physical looks is where the magic is at.


    Keep your health, spirit, faith and mind all the way up.  To happiness and success, and nothing less.


    Johnny leaves you with this last message…


    A warrior is not determined by what the warrior can inflict, but rather by what the warrior can endure.  How much pain, suffering and challenges the warrior faces and keeps fighting everyday.


    This goes for all warriors, especially for all the female warriors of all ages out there…in the everyday struggles! – Johnny believes in you and in your success.



    Johnny Orozco



    Everyday with all my heart, soul, love, strength and respect.  Shout outs to all cancer warriors of all ages. – Please never give up!  Fight on! Fight on! – Live everyday!


    Same shout outs to all disability warriors of all ages.