• Hi!

                I don’t know how “blogs” work, but here’s my 1st one ever.

                If you’re single or even married or anything in between, I’m inviting you to come on over and…VISIT WITH ME…ON A SATURDAY/SUNDAY…TO MEET, CHILL AND EXPLORE EACH OTHER.

                Human beings are social creatures and in one way for whatever reasons you’re reading this on this site, proves it.  Everyone wants someone to “talk to about something.”  I’ll even extend my confidence and respect…you can even visit me with your spouse? Smile Or whomever you want? –Social interaction is an essential activity of LIFE.  People look for communal life as if by instinct.  People are destined to evolve through helping and sharing with each other.

                We can always “hook up” through WRITING EACH OTHER for whatever/however long you want.  But also, WHAT I’M SAYING THROUGH THIS BLOG IS THAT…VISITING IN PERSON/IN THE FLESH IS A BETTER, LIVE, EXCITING EXPERIENCE TO SHARE (And…you don’t have to feed the animal spirit side of me anything from the vending machines. Smile J/K!!! At least some “buttered popcorn!”) (Hahaha!!!) Smile

                I get a lil’ nervous too in the beginning.  (“Good stimulating nervousness.”)  Nobody’s ever bored or uncomfortable with me.  I can sum it up like this…STEPPING OUTSIDE YOUR SAME OL’ ROUTINE COMFORT ZONES FOR A DAY WITH ME…YOU’LL FIND THAT YOU’D LIKE SOMEONE LIKE ME AROUND (one way or another.)  ESPECIALLY WHEN I’M OUT OF THIS PLACE!

                For visits, my preferences are…STRAIGHT WOMEN AND BI-WOMEN.  ANY RACE, COLOR, HEIGHT, WEIGHT, STYLE, BACKGROUND, etc, etc! –I’ll explain the visiting form process also.  Takes about 2 weeks for you to get approved.

                I also want us to talk on the phone, BUT NOTHING BEATS VISITS IN PERSON/IN THE FLESH…FACE-TO-FACE INTERACTION.

                Holla’ back (at ‘cha friend)…