2017 Blog Talk By The International Political Prisoner

  • 1._((( The Biggest threat facing Hollywood & Freedom Today)))_:


    I'm an original, what does that mean ? It means that, I'm so enthusiastic at the success of the western liberal forces in Hollywood production in making psychological and cultural propaganda in the form of entertainment. This success of course is a reflection to the lost talent of ancient Greece and Rome in theater. Also, Many countries have tried to copy and even mimic this western success, yet they all have failed to even challenge the very spirit of this western achievement, because they failed to understand the fantastic modern work and quality of the imaginary thoughtful mind of the 21 century.


    I'm not bias, but perhaps I'm an honest and original instead, as I have mentioned at the beginning.  In fact, I've been called so many names of insult and propaganda by the same enemies I'm praising right now. They've called me a militant, terrorist, extremist, and so on. Because I've always stood up for my principles and values, strategically and critically, against some of the most fanatical, and criminal dark forces in the world, but eventually, the truth have to be told.


    That's why today, I've to say something that is very honest and productive in defense of what I believe and despite of all whom might be offended, and to all of those who are trying to mimic this western success in Cinema, whether you're are Bollywood Indian crap, Chinese, or Asian so called Cinema. Let me say something to you, I've never took you seriously and I've never enjoyed any of your silly, poor, foolish productions. You're all fake copy of insecure, poor, silly, low quality failure to even think that you can even challenge the very smallest part of the western spirit in the production of entertainments.


    Please, Please and Please, find something else to do with your own lives, instead of making fun of your selves, because the original will always win. I admit's that while Growing up, I was so much influenced by the effect and success of Hollywood culture in movies and TV shows to the point that I've been shaped into something other wise I wouldn't be.


    In fact, Hollywood made me more advance, open minded and productive in my thinking to the world of thoughts and ideas, and I'm still until today so fascinated and enthusiastic by most of Hollywood, western work and success in all fields, whether it is action, horror, science fiction, drama, romance, erotica or fantasy, and so on. I think the western powers have succeeded so good at one thing for sure, on how to colonize the world by using the psychological invasion of entertainment . :)


    One more thing to add, In mind for sure, and in defense of this success. I declare that today we're all facing the most greatest would be threat to this great advancement, achievement and freedom, if we continues to ignore and turn away our faces from the rating forces that wants to threaten our freedom and liberty, by trying to control what we see, watch, and enjoy.


    They wanted to continue harassing us every day using rating under the disguise of morality and consumer protection bull **** to dictate our freedom, beginning from entertainment productions, which all needs to come to a dead end. We all have to take a stand together to confront this serious threat.


    We must all say "No" to no more rating, regulation, cutting, or dictating our Tv, using the scheme of the fanatical federal government to control our freedom. This great liberty and advancement of the modern age is been threatened today, by the most serious threat ever existed in all history. Its the conservative and fundamentalist radical forces, among the most fanatical of all biblical and zionist extremist who are hiding behind their masks after they have infiltrated the corrupt government, congress and the separation between church and state to control our freedom.


    This great threat is more dangerous than any other threat of terrorism that we hear about every day, because they want to sensor what we see and watch, not only on Tv and the fake news, but also they even are trying to control the internet. The true threat that we all are facing and experiencing today is the fanatical powerful forces of regulating and rating in the federal government and corrupt congress that want to control what we see and can't see, what we watch and can't watch, by editing, cutting and dictating every thing to the point of controlling the very spirit of free art, culture, and freedom of thoughts.


    We can't and we will not allow these radicals and fanatical criminal conservative forces, to continue their plot behind the corrupt extremist of the federal government, and their regulations that is supported by the dirty hypocrites of the corrupt U.S congress, to control our freedom and thoughts, beginning from liberal art in violation of the separation between church and state.


    We all have to take a stand to vote against all of these radical criminal zionist to stop their sexual harassment scandals and stop their hypocrisy by supporting the women of the cause to target and seduce them with allegations of harassment to take them out of office. 


    We to support the cause of making Hollywood productions a free market, because we are all adults, who are matured enough to decide for our selves and our children. Perhaps, all of this radical restrictions on our freedom by the so called hypocrites "conservatives" is nothing but fraud of the new world order to give the advantage for government and cable companies to control viewers and dictate consumers.


    2._ (((" Prison Tv Talk ")))_:


    In prison, we're not allowed to view any thing except "PG-13 rated Movies and Tv shows". Some we see on DVDs and others through the Tv channels that we have available like (("Life time, Syfy, FX, USA, TNT, FXM and AMC")).


    Unfortunately for us in prison, we can't view any of the famous network channels like (( "Hulu, Amazon, TMC, Star's, Sundance, Netflix, Showtime, Max, and HBO's")), as well any unrated Adult entertainment, movies, or Tv shows. 


    I know what you're thinking, we missed so many great movies and Tv shows like (("Game of thrones, Outlander, the Handmaid's Tail, MindHunter, the Girlfriend Experience, and so on ..etc ")). But we're grateful, because we're better than many of the people who goes under the ground isolated box of (Solitary confinement). People in there are not allowed to view any Tv, nor they will have any type of activity or entertainment, as a way to increase their psychological and physical torture in grave isolation similar to that of dead buried people. Not to mention the harassments, poor conditions, and damage caused by the great inhumane conditions that sometimes could last for months and even years, in which I my self tried for over 500 days in isolated box.


    As you can see we're either treated worse than animals, or like PG-13 children during our time in population. Its an inhumane and illogical BOP nonsense regulations worse than living in North Korea, or under the Taliban. I rather chose to be imprisoned by the Taliban because at least I'm in control of my own fate and privacy. LOL


    3._((("My Favorite Movies")))__:


    I'm a fan of any good movie of a great performance, rich production, good story, and great picture. Some of my favorite movies are Bank robberies stories, murder and mysterious crimes, epidemics and infections, horrific dark side of demons and evil influence, Romantic love stories and sacrifice, vampires and zombies, true and sad dramatic stories, crazy fantasies, myths and imaginations, historical drama, action, horror, and so on.


    I'm not too well with some of the comedies coming out lately, they're all silly and poorly made. Hollywood have to do a much harder work when it comes to "Epidemics and Infections movies", because I have not seen any good productions since "Contagion, I'm Legend, World war z, and Resident evil" have came out, these great movies are so enjoying, especially when they are introduced with a little bit of imaginations, drama, action, love, sacrifice and science fiction.


    We need more of "Demons and evil possession Horror movies, with a mix of "Epidemics and infections". Maybe some more of "Historical & Dramatic fiction, sword fighting in with a mix of mythology, love and action" like "the Gladiator, Immortals, Underworld, the Wolfman, Trojan, Pompeii, Ben Hur, Robinhood, and the Lord of the Rings, most greatest movie ever made I think".


    I also like so many fantasy, action and science fiction movies such as "The X-Men, Rise of the Planet of Apes, Self/less, Interstellar, Batman, 12 Monkeys, Bourne Identity, Salt, Inception, the Hulk, James Bond, Lazarus effect, Source code, Limitless, Terminator, and 47 Ronin.etc.


    I really likes all of the romantic, love and sacrifice movies. Movies like the "Notebook, the Vow, Dear John, Titanic, 7 Pounds, Light between the oceans, the Adjustment Bureau, Fifty shades, LaLa Land, Water for elephant, and Gone Girl", along so many others have a great emotional effect on me.


    4._ ((("My Favorite TV Shows")))__:


    This year I was so moved and effected by the role of "Jessica's Biel in the Sinner" Tv show on "USA". She was so beautiful and interesting of a character, especially when her sister dies in the 7 seventh episode. I felt so sad after I've fallen in love with both sisters performance, acting, and sense of adventure. I believes that this show must win the best year picture and story.


    Also, If I was the producer I would've made things a little bit more different, like prolonging the partying times and creating more of family and addiction drama in the new experience. It was so sad and unexpected to see "Jessica's Biel" sister dies so quickly in her lover's hands, we couldn't even enjoy the best scene and part. LoL, It appears as if I'm troubled by all of the Jessica's in my life, ha ha. The happiest moment was of course the scene when Jessica was released from jail after she was found innocent, but still even after every thing was resolved, we will miss both of the sinners, "Jessica and her sister" after they become gone girls.


    This year I enjoyed "The Strain on FX", it was an amazing and satisfying end of much drama, action, love and sacrifice fighting the vampires and human greed. "Snowfall on FX too" was not too bad, a good start of life reality about drugs cultures in American streets.


    I loved the character of "Will as Shakespeare" on "TNT", and his English girlfriend whom he met later in theater. It was very attractive to see both talented people on the same page, I was upset she left at the end after he sacrificed every thing for her, as I would have done to such a nice and pretty English girl. ;) 


    What about "Preacher on AMC"? Its was so out of the ordinary and imaginations of total insanity. I loved it, but I wished to watch it while high, smoking a joint, LoL.


    "Claws on TNT", was really funny of low life stupidity, it was ok not too classy type of a show. "Lucifer on FOX" was ok, but silly for portraying the devil as a fool, weak, and funny, it would have been much better if it was more serious, bloody and horrifying with a little of darkness and action to it.


    I loved "Animal Kingdom on TNT" a sense of adventure, drama and action with a beautiful real life experience of crime, love, betrayal and sacrifice. "Imposters on Bravo" was not too bad, I so fell in love with the imposter con-artist thief girl accent and femininity, It was a happy ending for all, especially when the FBI were tricked into a trap of big victory for all. 


    This last year I was so upset to hear the Bad news about the ending of "Damien as a Tv show on A&E", it was such a good  horror and drama show that caused a threat to all of the conservative forces and their extremist ideology, exposing their agenda and hypocrisy. But It was a relief after I enjoyed " Bates Motel ending on A&E", It was very interesting story of psychotic crimes, love and drama. And now, from "Bates Motel", to the "Good Doctor on ABC", the guy who played both roles is a total genius. He made both the doctor and serial killer so great, It will be interesting to see him in another type of movie, between a doctor and a serial killer like "Hannibal and SAW", LOL.


    I also love "American Horror Story" on Fx, It is such a great show. However, I have not liked neither of the last seasons. I think the best seasons were "AHS:Asylum" and AHS:Hotel, much of super natural evil influence, and adventure. Last year too, "Taboo on FX" was a great bloody production and dramatic story of struggle and heroism, the funniest part of the show was at last when the British flag was brought down to be replaced by the American flag, a bad news of defeat and lost for England's monarchy.


    I loved "Dakota Johanson" role in the "Fifty shades of Grey, and Fifty shades Darker", but I think it will be much better if she makes the movie a Tv show series instead, exploring love, and affection with some more sense of drama, adveture, and erotica will be much more successful, lovely and dangerous of a show.


    I trully love "Margott Robbie" she has a crazy role in "The wolf of wall street", but I think it will be much better, if she try something more feminine and fun, as her new coming movie, playing an ice skating star. However, It will be more interesting to see her in a dramatic, and action, mysterious crime story, her role would be a beatifull "Surfing girl" who's talented in ballet, skiing, yoga and ice skating, before she meets a hitman serial killer who's running from the law to end up falling in love with her. :)  


    I was so fascinated by "the Vikings" on the History channel, It was so great of production, showing the Scandinavian rich culture and history in a very nice action and historical drama. No doubt, that I've fallen in love with the shield maiden "Katheryn Winnick" playing the character of Lagertha. She is such attractive, feminine and beauty. It was very nice show that will be remembered for ever, especially with a brave man like "King Ragnar". Now, I am ready to watch the rest of the fifth and sixth season.


    More on History channel, we're waiting for the "Knightfall" which's coming very soon on, looking very interesting. I love all the middle ages movies and Tv shows that represent violence of sword fighting.


    The new "Damnations" on FX, it have a very good start in a bloody action of terrorism and resistance, for the sake of love and justice, helping the poor and weak people against the corrupt elites under the bankers.    


    Also, The People of Hollywood have to do more harder work when it comes to the corruption of the U.S federal government and the Injustice system today. It was so great to see movies like "Enemies of the state", "Conspiracy theory", and "the Law abiding citizen". The charisma of vengeance and violence against corruption was so great in "the Law abiding citizen" movie. These type of movies bring such entertainment and psychological education to the world.


    I feel so ill when I see some of Hollywood Tv shows portraying the "FBI and Law enforcement" as the just perfect people. But never any movie or Tv show, exposing how the "FBI and Police in America" entraps and frame innocents people with fabricated cases of sting operations, and how they've been the conspiracy laws to falsely prosecute thousands of people using no evidence except the lies and false testimonies of alcoholics and sexual predators, who's wearing the uniforms of justice.


    5._((("My Favorite Sports")))_ :


    I am not a big fan of sports, But I like running, rock climbing, swimming and surfing though not very good in water, I need experience and training. I enjoy watching feminine classy sports such as Ballet, Ice skating, skiing, surfing, and classy dancing. I would love to try hot yoga with my girlfriend, or wife :) .


    6._ ((("Favorite Scientific Discoveries")))_:


    ("CRISPR, Cloning & Gene editing"): I am so glad to hear about the "CRISPR" discovery, as the new genetics technology, using the bacterial immune system to edit the codes of life in genes and DNA. This of course is the most greatest discovery in all human history. I am also so in love with "Jennifer Douda", the Biologist, Doctor and researcher who discovered the method, for her mind, intelligent, and talent even though she is much older than I am, I love her gentle slimness and genius thoughts in this great research, work and discovery.


    I was so amazed to hear that she dreamed of "Hitler with a Pig head talking to her", before she declared the discovery. No doubt, that some dark forces of evil has some influence over her brilliant mind, and finally they shown them selves as "Hitler with a Pig head". This of course could mean that this technology will be used by someone else who even more evil than Hitler, and will be influenced by the same Dark forces that Inspired her. In fact, I believes that the interpretation of her dream is so easy. "Someone more evil than Hitler" will use her discovery and will play a role to help in making the way for a greater unethical evil using this biological sciences, it could be a mad scientist, or a whole country millitary. 


    Actually, The Muslim's Holy Qur'an and The Hadith's, ("Teachings of Prophet Muhammad"), have something to say and warn about that, concerning the threat and danger of Biological science in Cloning and Gene editing.


    In fact, the Quran has made a clear prophecy and warning in one of the Quranic verses, exposing the dark forces role in such dangerous and critical development in human history, in which could lead to a greater evil, than good. Because once the humans discovers how to play in such dangerous field of science, "God's secret codes in creation". Then doom would be at hand for the Human race, because Allah is the only author and source of life's secret codes in creation, and he is the only one who is able to understand, use, and control it, with the consequences of any dangerous error.


    In one of the Quranic chapters, "Suarh An-Nisa (#4)", Verse "116-120". 

    "Allah says about him self": Allah (God Almighty), Does not forgive any polytheism act against Him, joining any partners besides Himself. But, He Indeed, chooses to forgive all of the other sins as He pleases, and whomever disbelieves in the true faith (Abrahamic Monotheism) by joining any partners besides the one true God, (Allah)". Then indeed he has been deeply strayed away. _(116) When the pagans think that they're calling some female deities (example of old religions), they are actually calling no one except Satan himself the cursed persistent rebel ( by obeying him into polytheism) _("117").  May the curse of Allah be upon (Satan) when he said: "I will take from your creation a marked portion for my self as a possession of spoiled rewards (Human followers)"_(118").


    "Indeed, I will mislead them (the Humans), and I will beautify for them their false hopes and desires by inspiring them on how to ("Slit the ears of cattle's"), and by ("Showing them how to "transform and change the codes of natural creation") that belongs to Allah, the Creator. Then Allah's swears by himself and says: " By Allah whoever, forsaking Allah for Satan's dearness, has surely suffer a manifest loss _(119). Satan makes for them empty promises of nothing except foolish deceptive lies_(120).


    == > As we see in the (Mid-Verses "), Satan threatened to mislead Humans by beautifying for them the false hopes of science, inspiring them in science how to ("Split the ears of cattle's) at first, and then ("How to change the codes of natural creation") at second. 


    In fact, the first cattle ear splitting was conducted in "1997" by Scottish scientists who cloned the first sheep after they sliced some cattle ears in the process to perform the cloning.  In 2013, about "20 Twenty years" later, "CRISPR" was discovered as the ultimate tool of genetics editing, bringing up the revolution of changing the codes of life in creation, changing would be the entire Human history as we know it. 


    This is exactly what the Quran forth told and warn about.

    First, the ear splitting for cloning.  Second, the CRISPR gene editing.  Third, are the consequences, and doom of human race, as a result of evil intentions using such methods for unethical works and research to change the human race fate as we know it, like some of the sick ideas that we hear about of baby designers, and so on.


    Several Years ago, I have written a great deal on scientific advancement in both biology and medicine, Including genetics engineering and editing of human embryonic for prolonging life, reversing aging, curing cancers, depressions and many other diseases of mortality. Yet today, I retreat from my ideas for moral and ethical reasons of playing in God's destined creation. Unless of course, it is something serious and beneficial like using engineered germs to cure cancer, or turning germs against each others in a beneficial battle for human survivor, or engineering a new strain of mosquitoes to destroy an infected colony to prevent the spread of diseases.


    However, this same tool could be used for other sick and unethical ideas of baby design, and animals genetics engineering, or even agriculture genetically modified foods, which sounds very reasonable but have a great consequences on the long run when things goes out of control after corrupting the original codes of creation, once we mess with nature (Allah's destined forces), Nature forces will brutally retaliate to destroy us by our own doing of our own hands. Not to forget that the greatest evil, In which some country millitary could use to create deadly diseases.


    7._((("Climate Change and Global warming")))_:


    Today, every one is speaking about the threat of Air pollution, but no one dare to talk about the threat of pollution to Sea and water, the most greatest threat to the most important element of life "water". Acidity and pollution is the greatest threat to water, marine life and the ecosystem.


    There're three facts that drives climate change and global warming forces today. Human activity, Natural causes, and Divine destiny, in which they all work together to bring us closer for our dooms day. We can try to reduce human activity by cleaning our environment, to reduce pollution and acidity in both sea, land and Air. The problem we're facing is more than just pollution and acidity.


    We're facing fate and destiny!! How ?  The biggest threat to our survival today is huge mass arsenal of Nuclear, Biological and chemical weapons that could be unleashed today on the world at any time during a scenario conflict created and fueled by global warming. Such as famine, floods, drought, fires, food shortage, animal deaths, and epidemics as germs learn how to evolve and become mutated and resistance to out modern medical treatments.


    Unleashing a nuclear war would cause the world to suffer into everlasting doom and destruction bringing all ecosystem into collapse by speeding up and fueling climate change into an unstoppable force of destruction, and as humans and countries suffer a colony collapse, with animals deaths, foods and medical shortages, all modern day methods will collapse in the face of calamity.      


    Today we must work to demolish all Nuclear, biological and chemical weapons in the hands of the few, Including the U.S, China, India, Israel, N.Korea, Britain, France, Russia....etc, But it can not be done by one nation with out the other, because no one have a special license when it comes to human race and ecosystem survival in the face of tragedy. 


    Also, as we move toward certain destiny prevention is destined to fail. We must have plans of preparations to counter the Universal ecosystem change, especially the shifting of earth pole magentic system, that is reversing its own location on earth poles which will lead to a total climate change on the entire planet, as both the North and South Poles shift toward unknown destiny, when deserts and seas, shrinks and expands, and when storms and natural chaeos will transform the entire planet time and climate.


    Prophet Muhammad said: The hour will not come untill the earth shift its course and the sun rises from the west to the east.  


    ("Surah#30, Al-Rum"), ("Verse 41").

    Corruption has appeared in the land and sea, the consequences result of what peoples hands have brought forth, so that He (Allah-God) may make them taste some of their transgression evil doings, Then maybe they will stop and turn back with repentance.


    ("Surah#44, The Smug/Smoke"), (Verse 8-10").

    There is no deity except He, the one who brings life and death, your lord and the same lord of your first forefathers. (8). But indeed, they're in deep doubts playing a deceptive game. (9). Then be on the watch for the day when the skies brings forth a heavy smug. (10). Covering the people, indeed this is a painful torment. (11). Oh our lord removes from us this wrath for we've believed. (12). Where they've remembered from, except of our Messenger who was sent to warn them. (13). Then they've turned their faces away from him, and said this is a mad teacher.     


    8._((("Places I like to Travel and Explore"))__:


    I really like to travel and explore many of the European natural and geographical history, I'm also interested in the Scandinavian culture and would love to travel and explore both east and west European countires and cultures. Coming from  the Middle east-Jordan, I visited the great ancient city of Petra, the Dead Sea, and many of the Roman and Byzantine ruins, and Castles, Including the Sultan Saladin ruined Kingdom.




    Please, if you have any comment on my blog, and would like to talk further more, then feel free to directly write to me at my address. I hope you enjoyed reading my news and comments from prison. I be happy to hear from you, so we can talk and know each other further more. I'll be publishing further more blogs of my news, so be on the look out for me. 



    Take care and be safe, with love and kindness.

    Your caged Friend.


    Hosam Al Smadi



    P.O.BOX 1000

    Marion,IL 62959