Nothing is given, everything is earned.

  • I cofounded the San Mateo Investment Club, we taught our students how to purchase real estate, with poor, bad, or no credit.  Also taught how to build lines of credit using corporations.  At 17 I did my first real estate transaction (flip) and earned net profit of $31,450 in 45 days.  Between 2009-2014 my team was doing 3-4 flips every 60 days, and earning net profit of $17,000 minimum per flip.  I have done over 80 real estate transactions.


    Currently in my investment portfolio, there are 8 properties (three single family, five apartment buildings).  I specialize in REO’s (real estate owned), foreclosures, probates, and flips.  All of the apartment buildings are in the Section 8 program for low income families.  Monthly net profit is $8,430.


    I would like to set up a mentor network program and share my real estate investing experience.  I am very confident, I can teach anyone how to invest in real estate and in 90 days they will be able to purchase a investment property.  Must be committed, driven, and want to learn.  There is opportunity for success in every community.  Do not waste time waiting for inspiration, begin and inspiration will find you.  My motto:  send me to any city or state in America and in less than 30 days I will have done a real estate transaction and pocket a minimum net profit of $15,000.