To My Future...

  • In a relationship it’s give & take, not give & give or take and take! Giving you the best of me, while bringing out the best of you. And to cherish all the rest of you.

    I don’t want to use you, tear you down, or complete with you. I would like to grow with you, build with you, and eat with you. It’s deeper than physical attraction, I need your heart along with your mind. Keep the flesh; bring qualities out that only God knew were in you, maximize potential, growth, accomplish goals & see results. I need a woman that can do the same for me, that wants the same for me. Who’s not afraid to give me all of her, in return for all of me. I’m so over the childish games, because I don’t even like Play Station nor do I play games. I’m about my income, my purpose; I have substance & ambition. I need commitment, dedication, participation, consistency & conversation. I ask the most, because I give the most. Therefore I deserve the most. Seeking grown women only & no color, creed, or size in particular. Please come prepared.