7:35 am 10/2/17

  • I just woke up, and got out the shower, when I turned on my T.V. I was shock to learn that it was a mass shooting in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Over 50 people has been killed.  I want to send my condolence to all the family’s who lost a love one in this senseless act of violence.  Life is too short to be ending each other lives over non-sense, rather your Christian, Islam, White, Black, we was not put on this earth to hurt each other.  I hope “Us” as people learn to respect each other opinions, and views, and stop the sense-less violence.


    It’s 8am now, I’m about to go lift weights, and take a jog, to gather my thoughts.  I hope every one who’s reading this, has a bless day today, and be safe out there.


    Oh, and let’s not forget, lets go Chicago Cubs! Smile It’s playoff time!