INTERVIEW German Viewer Mr. Philipp via email with MONZER ALKAS

  • This political interview being conducted by a 'German Viewer Mr. Philipp... via emails with "MONZER ALKASSAR" a Syrian political hostage at Marion - C.M.U. Prison, during the month of Feb./2018.


                                                           "MEET THE PRINCE OF MARBELLA - SPAIN"


                                                                    "VIOLENCE BREED VIOLENCE"


    Q: Mr. AlKassar. Do you believe in violence breed violence?


    A: YES.  Every action good/bad, need reaction.  The human being in his natural is not violent.  The aggressions and injustice committed by people, or, by countries; Are the one who encourage, and, creating violence.


    Q: Who is "Monzer AlKassar"?


    A: I am a Syrian/Arab from the old fashion school.  I do not belong to any organization, or, any political groups.

    The "Palestinian Cause" is a duty on every Arabs and, Moslems.  I am going to be honest, logical in answering you questions.  Well, for the last 70 years, and, up till this moment.  The whole world still living and seeing the suffering of the Palestinian people, and, the injustice being done on them by the ZIO/KIKES, and, from the rest of the world.

    They live their dreams to go back to their homeland which has been stolen from them in 1948; and, waiting justice from the world, and the U.N. who gave them the right to go back (RIGHT OF RETURN).  Young man. I am not sure, how much you know about the Palestinian cause?

    The Palestinian people being thrown out of their land since 1948 by the "ZIO/KIKES" aggressors, and, still carrying their pains and, their suffering from the day of "NAKBA."



    Q: What is you view on two states solution?


    A: What two State solution are you taking about?  It's a very old song.  Every new American President use to sing it, but, in different rhythm.  Even, some of the Palestinian leaders who believed wrongly in it, and went along with it for many years now, they got fed up from hearing it; after their faces being slapped.  To hear Mr. "Trump" few days ago, blackmailing, and, bullying them to go down on their knees.  Telling them with no shame: "...Your cause is off of the table."  It took Mr. "Mahmud Abbas" (The leader of the Palestinian Authority) so many years to see it, and to say it now, in reply to Mr. "Trump" insulting comments.  Telling him: "... America is out of the table."  Still, is not enough Mr. Abbas!!  How can you think about two state solution, with a pistol at you head!  Everyday, the "KIKES" steeling more from the Palestinian lands, expanding their settlement, demolition the innocent people houses, killing innocent people and, giving the United Nation and the rest of the world the middle finger.  The world now seem to be starting to wake up.  Listen to some of "Trump's Allies" recently saying to "Trump" for his shameful decision for "Jerusalem":

    A - The traitor so called king Abdullah (of Jordon) said: "It's clear now that Mr. 'Trump' is not a good billiards player."

    B - The P.M. of Italy, Mr. "Geteloni" saying: "If we go along with Trump, it will be like the destroyed palace of 'El-Colieseh'.

    C - The French president Mr. Emanuel Macron said: "No way, we will let president 'Trump' dealing with the Palestinian - cause like "El-Soprano."

    Be sure, no one can take the right of the Palestinian people for going back to their own land, by an possible means!  Not for long, before another "SELAH ELDEAN" to come out, to liberate Jerusalem.  Palestine is for the whole Palestinian people from all kind "Moslems, Christian and Jews."


    Q: What do you know about "Abu Nedal" group?


    A: "Abu Nedal" group.  Is a story now.  A man who killed himself; is not a man!  He was shame on the Palestinian cause.  He run his so called group, with few hundred followers (he killed most of them) with fear, blood and dirty money.  I want you to look for a book written about him years ago.  "The Hired Gun".  Written by one of these two writers Mr. "Patrick Seal" or, Mr. "Robert Fiske" as far as I can remember.  What was written in this book was confirmed by some of his group members (inmates) I was with them for years in the American prison.  I have asked one of them.  If it is so; why you followed his instructions?  Sincerely replied: "we have done it out of fear from him; either way we are dead."


    Q: What was the relation between the South African "ANC", and, the "PLO"?


    A: Well, I am a sympathizer of the Palestinian people for their cause for very long time.  I don't hold any position in the "PLO" to know.  The "PLO" is recognized by the whole world, and, they had (have) relations and offices in most of the countries, and, in South Africa as well.  "Mandela" was a symbolic figure for freedom, and struggled for justice for his people, and the rest of the world.  I believe, the "PLO" had a very good relation with this "HERO", and, with his people.


    Q:  Has/had the "PLO" any connection with the "IRA"?


    A: As far as I know, the "IRA" now, is part of a political group {SINN FEIN}, came to agreement with the "British."  It's very easy to reach them, and to have all the answer you wish.  You can refer you questions to the office of the "PLO" in Germany.  I will not be surprised if part of the old members of the "IRA" are not with full agreement with the last peace pact, and, they are in a low profile (SLEEPING CELLS) without any support, or, any political cover.  For that you don't see them active.  You never know, what can they do in the future!  In my humble opinion.  The "IRA" cause is not finished yet!


    Q: What was the secret merits of the Palestinian leader "Yasser Araft"?


    A: The Palestinian leader "Yasser Arafat", known by "Abu Amar" also, "The Old Man" he was, and still a symbolic for the Palestinian people and for their cause.  He had a very special "Charisma" as a leader.  It's enough that he survived for many years in this corrupt world.  He devoted his life to the cause, and for his people.  You might ne agree with him all the time.  He tried everything fro the sake of his cause, and for the struggle of the Palestinian people.  His life was "Jerusalem".  He was poisoned by the ZIO/KIKES, and, died as a "Martyr", and being buried in a grave toward "Jerusalem."


    Q: What about the participating of "Turkey" in "Syria" and, the "Free Syrian Army"?  Her in the "German Media", the "Free Syrian Army" has a big name!  What is you view about them?


    A: For your first part of your question:

    It's a very well know, without "Turkey" and, the dirty money of the "PETRO/DOLLARS GOLF STATES CONSPIRACY", we would have not seen Syria, and the people of Syria in such divisions and distractions; but; not for long!

    Politics has no religion!  Your enemy of yesterday/your friend of today.  People goes with the winner.  You must have read my articles on my blogs about the Turkish involvement in the dirty conspiracy against my beloved country Syria, and, what they have done to destroy Syria for the last 7 years.

    Syria is victorious now!  Soon will be united again under one flag and one elected government.  We will stand up strong and united as we use to be, with the help of the honest Syrian people, the real army of Syria, and our strong allies.

    The so called "Free Syrian Army" was created by ZIO/KIKES, and, it's the army of the enemies of Syria.  Created by some deserted officers and paid mercenaries!  From day one of this dirty conspiracy, I know that Syria will be victorious.  I know my people!  Syria was not alone.

    I love to know, how many Syrian in this so called Free Syrian Army?  Is it still exist, and, where?  Don't listen to the fake "ZIO/KIKES" Media, and their false propaganda.  There is an old Arabic poet saying:

                       "If you seen the canine teeth of the lion bulged out...Don't you ever think the lion is smiling."


    Q: Was the "Black September Organization successful with there operations?


    A: As far as I know.  The "Black September" was more of a reaction, than organization.  It was born at the end of Sixties, after the Palestinian massacre in Jordon, committed by the traitor "King Hussein" hand in gloves with the "KIKES."  Their first operation, was killing of the Jordanian Prime Minister (WASFI EL TAL) outside the door of the Hilton Hotel in Cairo.  Then, they carried on for some time.


    Q: Explain to me more; and, your view of the "Landshud Hijacking"?


    A: I can say something about the hijacking in general!  This specific one.  I don't know much about it, more than you do.  Hijacking planes it's an old fashion, and before the existence of any of the Palestinian Organization.

    France was the one who started this kind of warfare in the very early Sixties.  They hijacked the plane carrying the Algerian leaders Mr. "Ahmed Ben Bella" and, some of his comrades.  They didn't care for any international law.  Also, Israel hijacked a civilian Syrian plane coming from Libya in the early Eighties, carrying high official Syrian delegation.  Also, American in 1985 committed the famous hijacking of the Egyptian plane carrying the Palestinian leader "Abu El Abbas."


    Q: What are your thoughts/opinion of the Christian Palestinian Leader Dr. "WADI HADDAD"?


    A: Dr. "Wadi Haddad" known as "Abu Hani".  Well, I am too small to give opinion on him!  He is too high for any one to reach his level of honesty, loyalty to his people and for the Palestinian cause.  His life was Palestine, and his suffering was the suffering of the Palestinian people; and, he was poisoned for that!  I am honored of knowing him.  He will be remembered and honored forever by his people and all the freedom fighters in this world.  He kept himself away from all disputed issues between different Palestinian groups.  He was very well respected by all the Palestinian groups, and, specially by his life time friend Dr. "George Habash" head of the "PLFP".  Also, was very respected and being admired by the Chairman of the "PLO" Mr. "Yasser Arafat".  He was very simple, honest, and educated.

    He never believed in showing off and body-guards business!  Never carried a gun, and, relied on his own protection.

    He lived in Beirut-Lebanon with his wife, and later on in Bagdad-Iraq.  He was the king of disguising himself.  He was poisoned in Bagdad by the ZIO/KIKES and, their allies. He traveled to East Germany for treatment, and knew of his fate.  He called his people to say good bye to them , and, to give them his last advice and, his instructions . He was buried in IRAQ.  His successor was an honorable teacher in (LEBANON) "ABU MOHAMED". He followed his footsteps in honesty, loyalty and moralities".  After the ZIO/Kieks invasion of Lebanon in June 1982, the Kikes turned every stone to find him.  They could not!  They took his great wife Ms. "Ablla" as a hostage, to be released later on.  Finally.

                                "ABU HANI" Will be always in every Palestinian/freedom fighters heart!!!




    A: YES. Very casually.  ON early Seventies he was one of many foreigners, who left their wealth's and families behind; to join the Palestinian struggle.  He first joined Dr. "Wadi Haddad" group, which being created from the "PLFP".  It was very active at that time.  I first heard of him in London in the early Seventies, and later on in "ADEN" due to my business relation with the Government of Yemen.  Because of his talent, charisma, strong personality, and, his success in most of his operations against the "KIKES", and their allies, became the star of his time.  No matter what you think of him!  He was/still a "LEGEND".  After so many years.  I have seen him face to face at "HILTON Hotel" in Damascus by pure coincidence thru a mutual friend.  It was for very short time, which not enough to know each other.  He use to live respectably/quietly in Damascus.  Syria, had never bowed down to the pressure to hand him over.  He left Syria voluntarily to "SANA" and later on to "Sudan".  The French being after him for a very long time; to succeed thru some Sudanese traitors to sell him out, to face his fate proudly!  It's shame on the Sudanese and all the Arabs!  The Palestinian owes him a lot!  He is always will be remembered by his real friends.  He was the man who fight the fight!


    Esteemed Viewers,


    It's an honor for me to have respectable Dialogue/Interviews, with my blogs followers.  Also. I would like to thank the German Gentleman Mr. "Philipp.......", for his courage in seeking the truth in this Interview with me:


    Q: How close was your relation with the Palestinian leader Mr. "Abu Abbas"?.


    A: Words, can not express the admiration I have for this "MARTYR"  Mohamed Abbas - Abu El Abbas - Abu Khalid; whom

    I have known for many years, which of nearly all aspects of his life, meaning good time , as well as peril.  Honestly. To effectively, do a description, here, justice; I would need the best literary books to ascribe his characters.  In summary, he is a {REAL} man, being loved/admired by his family, direct family, friends and his people, yet respected by his adversaries, and, feared by his enemies. He was a renown statesmen (BIG SHOT).  He was more than friend; he was a brother!.

    He is:{THE SON OF THE NAKBA} of 1948.  He is the son of Ismail/Latifah.  He was born in 1948, in a refugee camp in the north of Syria .  Suffering came upon him, at a young age.  First.  He lost his home-land (PALESTINIAN), a catastrophe to humungous for him to comprehend at that time. By the time he could get a footing on his surroundings about the refugee camp; a scrawled environment of very rough trials, he lost his dear mother when he was about 11 years of age. This lost, the detachment would certainly affect him till the end of his days. Overwhelmingly. Shock from the pains of the lost motivated him to stand up-right. Picking himself up by the boot-strap; he knew, he had to fend of himself. His principles were  from the vision; education would or will be the keys to eradicate  a poverty state; to stand up for the fight for his cause, and the Palestinian people, believe that education is the tool of success. However. Starting out, he used the skill of painting walls, as a worker to earn income, enough, to help himself, family and for his study. After elementary school, he and his family moved to the capital Damascus, to another refugee camp (Al Yarmouk). he enrolled himself. In Alkawakbi high-school. Graduated in 1962. Desiring a better life; he enrolled in the "Teaching Institute", as a shorter route to earn enough money in teaching to carry on his education at "Damascus University", where he got his 'BA' in Arabic Literature.  For our generation at that time. The sixties, as a young students were "The National Enthusiasm", locally and internationally. Demonstrating against, what was going on from injustice around us, and the outside world. The hot topic at that time were; The outcome of the NAKBA for the Palestinian People, Algeria struggle for independence "Ben Bela and Jamilah Bouhiered" the discrimination of the black-people in America, and South Africa 'Mandela', Iskenderun which being snatched from Syria by 'TURKEY' ext...

    I, first knew "Mohamed Abbas", casually, as a student in "Alkawakbi" high school at that time for, leadership via every street demonstration, for both National and International cause, occasioned to "Human Rights Events".  Student from - "Alkawakbi", would join us in every street demonstration. I was 3 years older than him.

    I left Syria 1966-1967, to carry on my study, and , later on I returned to Beirut-Lebanon on 1977-1978 (as far as I can remember), Because, me being far away I was not aware of the new demographist of the Area. To find out Lebanon is divided in East/West due to the civil war. West Beirut controlled by the Syrian forces, Palestinian, and Lebanese Moslems.

    After I established my business office. I start hearing of a prominent Palestinian leader "Abu Abbas"; to find out later on, he is the same "Mohamed Abbas" of the old days of the school street demonstrations in Damascus. We meet again after all these years by coincidence. He was married at that time to a charming educated young Christian lady (Samia), with two little beautiful children "Khalid and Omar". Since then, I used to call him "Abu Khalid". From day one, he captured my attention, being softly well spoken, very humble and polite, very educated and more; the way how he address and treated his loving wife, with respect and kindness, until the last day of his life (even when they were divorced). His being loved and respected by his people, friends, all his families loved him, and still, very proud of him. He was a real man, educated, Ambitious, powerful Politically. He was a real military leader, who never run away from his fate!  He was very passionate, and, strongly believed "What had been taken by force; only by force would be returned!. He was not looking for anyone to glorify him and, did not care if anyone demonized him. He was fighting the fight for his cause and his people.  The events were the culmination of a time period which spanned a duration of 4 years. We become very close on our brotherly relations.

    Our relationship blossomed; mainly, after  the heroic of him saving my life in Beirut 1978/1979, from the "Butcher Rafat Al Assad", and, kept me at his home for a month when he was still married to his stunning wife Samia. Initially. We were not that close at that time. still. he opened his heart to me and safed my life. He risked his political relation to save a friend. This one example of his human side, and his moral loyalty to his friends, families, and his own people. I was honored to have him in my humble and very exclusive wedding ceremony in Beirut at home. he was not some outsider. He was considered a member of my families. My Brotherly relationship with "Abu Khalid", was the embodiment of a reflection in the mirror. If one moved; then, likewise, the other moved.  The resemblance of our human life, is nothing short of twins having the same nature.  The click between us, is more than a Harmonious Theory or Notion. If you see the one; by the mirror, you'll see the other. Tantamount to the human life similarities, are event characteristics with exact same make up. For Example: "Abu Khalid", was the only person celebrating my wedding to my wife, Feb 4, 1982 in Beirut. Later. I was the only, person celebrating his second wedding to his second amazing wife Mrs. "Reem"; at my home in Damascus, 1982, after the Israeli invasion to Lebanon. It can't be, mathematically, equated to irony. "Abu Khalid", died mysteriously at American prison in Iraq, March 8th., 2004. It's a mirror. You don't need to chart a course; just look at the reflection of the moving objects.  I'm, currently, in American prison, facing the same fate; if things don't change, circumstantially; I'll suffer the same fate...with no remorse!.  The News of his death, rolled in like the climax in a "Drama Movie". Be it, miracle or of supernatural coincidence; I was first to hear of his shocking news, concerning his mysterious death, at the night of March 8th, 2004.

    I received the the first call at Mrs. Reem's mobile I was holding. The call was from the Chief, at the Swiss Red Cross in Iraq, who gave me account of the death of "Abu Khalid". His voice was full of sadness, knowing him, always visited him in captivity at the American prison in Iraq. And, showing his admiration, to a real Human Being, and a real leader, even in his captivity. These were his exact words to me on the phone. I was, with my wife, and Mrs. Reem at this very sad night.

    I was the first, with his older brother "Abu Ahmad", to receive, and open his casket (Coffin) at Damascus Air Port coming in a Red Cross private plane, from Bagdad (about two weeks, after his mysterious death). And, with hundreds of thousands Palestinians, Syrians. Lebanese, and others, weeping his death, from Damascus Air Port To Al-Yarmouk Palestinian camp. Loaming curve for making burial arrangement was very hectic, to say at least. It was two weeks, before we were allowed to lay his body to rest ceremonially. Where, every on would love to have it!. Certainly. He is in a better place now!. Seeing the smile on his face, as he laid in the Coffin, relayed the message to me before leaving; Telling me:  "Brother Abu Monawar", we will meet again, in a better place!.  I will honor, and carry this smile  till my last breath!, I relish the idea of our reunion. I will be more than happy to meet him with him again. And to be proud to share the same "FATE". Looking back, even, in death; his charm was alluring by his smile, the attraction was written all over his face.

                                         "There will never be another one like you "Abu Khalid!!"


    Q: Mr. Alkassar. Finally. What is your prediction for the final solution in your country Syria?.


    A: It was, a long "AMERICAN/ZIO/KIKES FILM". The victims were , Syria and the Syrian People; who paid a very heavy prices

    for this dirty conspiracy. I have no doubt. Soon or later America will through out the "Kurdish; and, others under the bus.

    I know, It's a long way and very difficult time are ahead of Syria and the Syrian People.  The only way out is for the Syrian of all kinds "MOSLEMS-CHRISTIANS-KURDS-ARMENIAN-CIRCASSIAN-and, TURKMAEN" to get together and  to solve their deference's between themselves and their mother "SYRIA", and, not to rely on any foreign forces. Under on flag, and, one "SYRIA", as use to be. Also, to forget the dark sight with open heart, and, to look to the bright future for our coming generation. We all learn grand deal of the last 7 years of hatred, killing and distractions. Syria is the mother, with a big heart to have all Syrian under it's wings!.We have to change hatred for love; Love always win. Then, we can live side by side and defeat the enemies.

    The Imperial disaster doom to fail!.  The U.S. Secretary of State Mr. "REX TILLERSON", recently announced. The American occupation of Syria would continue until the conditions are met:

    1- ISIS must be defeated.

    2-ASSAD must go.

    3- Refugees must be returned to Syria.


    Well, Mr. "TILLIRSON". Your words are whoredom, and, obscenity.  Do not try to disguised the actual realities, and, to hide -

    your Imperial Intention.  You dam well know, the U.S. occupation is a criminal acts according to  "NUREMBERG PRINCIPLES",

    and, against all the International Laws.  NOW:


    For your first demand. ISIS Mercenaries are U.S. assets, and, they will be there as long as the U.S. is there. ISIS, has been destroyed in Syria! America is refusing to leave!.


    For your second demand. If President "ASSAD" goes, the terrorists will stay!.  The Syrian People are the one who decide if president "ASSAD" stay or not. NOT the American/Kikes!!. Mind your own Election!.


    For your third demand. The diktat that refugees must be returned to Syria is well beyond ridiculous!. They are already flooding back into the liberated parts of Syria and, they will never flood back to the U.S. occupied sectarian, terrorist infested Syrian area.


    The Coalition vassals, seek to destroy Syria, if, "TILLIRSON" demands are met, and, the overseas holocaust will deepen.

    Those who control the crumbling U.S. Empire must be "SATANIC". YES.  The Imperial disaster doom to fail!.


    Now. It's time for "TURKEY" to see right from wrong!. To get together to destroy the remaining ZIO/American in Syria!!

    I was so thrilled this morning, in hearing the news saying: "The Syrian Anti-Air Defense shut down one of the Kikes Airplane

    over Syria!". More to come in "GOD WELLING".  I would like to kiss the hands of the Syrian Air Defense, who are paying their lifes to protect Syria and the Syrian people!.

                                                                 "GOD PROTECT SYRIA, AND THE SYRIAN PEOPLE"