President 'TRUMP': Build bridges.. do not break them! Your worst enemies are within, gearing up with cuffs and jumpsuit in their hands!! Good/honest diplomacy will save you, not your troops. SYRIA, LEBANON, IRAQ, IRAN .. are not your real enemy unless, you want them to be.

    No doubt, you have "Ballocks", you are smart enough and a fighter, which you have/had proved in your wise diplomacy with "North Korea". Use the same courage of your intending meeting with "Kim Jung Un" in your coming trip (JUNE) to Japan for the Group of 20 Summit, and stop over in Iran, Syria, to have first hand real information instead of relying on the same fabricated fake news! No one is looking for a war! It's enough blood shade, death, chaos and distractions.

    Mr. "TRUMP": prove to the world that you are not of a kind being published by "NEW YORK TIMES" Cartoon last April 29th:
    "...depicts you a blind, Yarmulke-wearing, led by a dachshund sporting the face of the murderer Netanyahu, and a star of David dog collar". Be the other way round; If you really looking for peace in the Meddle East.

    This montage of mainstream fake news publication against you and others, covers the demonstrates, the universal portrayal of Russia, Iran, Syria, and the Party of God, and their Presidents/Leaders as Dangerous. Vladimir Putin depicted as a shifty Soviet, Adolf Hitler, a gangster, a fire eyed demon, a vampire, and even "The Joker". This is reminiscent of war, propaganda, prelude to war. "DO NOT FALL FOR IT!". The American/Kikes fake news violation of standards, and unethical of the international law.

    This is important information for America and the rest of the world to have. Every person and every government and every private organization that supports the Kikes/Washington Russian Phobia and Iranian Phobia policies is contributing to the growing threat of war, of nuclear war.

    The kikes, provoking nuclear war between Pakistan and India? The kikes may not have much to worry about in regard to retaliation, when they Lob U.S. made weaponry as innocent civilian in the open air concentration of Gaza, but the dangerous game they are perilously playing in South Asia have the potential of sparking a Atomic war between the regions nuclear Arms Adversaries, India and Pakistan.

    At the heart of the matter is "MONEY!". India, the kikes largest weapons market. In 2017 paid 700 million for "Kikes Air Defense Radar System", and ammunition including air to ground missiles, most of them tested during the kikes military offensive against innocent Palestine, and targets in Syria. Its very clear how the kikes slaughter humans like "penned lambs": Its to test their weapons and improve their chances for a sale.

    The kikes ranks No. 10 in the worlds top 10 largest Arms Exporters. To promote its war mongering, the Kikes have been supporting India in its battles and selling them "Rafael" advance defense system Lid's SPICE (Smart Precise impact). The Kikes used to blow off limbs of countless unarmed innocent Palestinians, men, woman and children to enhance its marketability which turns two thousand war heads into "Smart Bombs". The Kikes conduct joint exercises with India in the "Negev Desert". Imparting to their guests the skills they acquired in Gaza and as a civilian thronged battlefronts.

    Kikes stalking tensions in the Middle East and South Asia should keep us all awake at night!!.

    For years, we have been hearing about Russia meddling in the American Presidential Election of 2016; and no one is talking about American Imperialism, meddling, sending their troops, bullying, threatening, killing innocent people in the name of Regimes Changing; And war against terrorism. These war mongering has/had failed in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Somalia, Iran, Ukraine, Cuba, China, North Korea, Turkey and recently Venezuela.

    Your evil National Security Advisor, John Bolton has clenched tightly to Teddy Roosevelt's, methaphobia "big stick", warning foreign nation to remember that U.S. Administration is entitled to defend their backyard. Last January the American Administration outwardly supported the failed coup in Venezuela. It was another in a long history in foreign coups supported by the U.S. Military-Industrial complex. What prompted the recent hard line comments, of John Bolton, and your secretary of state Mike pompeo was that introduction Russia, Chinese, and Iranian plains into Venezuela.

    The Kikes, and their American cronies are determined not to see fall under sway of foreign powers, "John Bolton" told the host, "Hugh Hewitt". Apparently, according to this war manger "John Bolton", the only foreign allowed to sway the Venezuela Government is the United States of America, Ph.. Ph.. Ph..

    Syria, Lebanon, Iraq are in the Middle East. Afghanistan is in Asia. Libya is in North Africa. Bosnia is in Southern Europe. All are well beyond the U.S influence, yet it has seen the heavy presence of U.S troops in recent decades.

    If the entire world is now a local stage of every nations national interests, then its problematic to assert in countries miles and, miles away from U.S borders. Is going to continue to justify placing weapons and troops outside the borders of China, Russia, Iraq, Syria and Iran, and now, Venezuela; Which is very well understandable that Russia, China, and Iran would see their own interest at stake in the Oil Rich country of Venezuela.


    President Donald Trump's decision to veto a congressional measure designed to pull America out of the Saudi-led war in Yemen, which has killed tens of thousands of women and children, is a striking example of the unchecked war powers Congress has given presidents since the early 1970's.
    In a rare bi-partisan effort to end U.S. support for the Saudi-led war, Congress sent the president the resolution, expecting he would reject it, which he did. He justified his decision by claiming it threatened to weaken his constitutional authority. He thereby ended the matter because Congress lacked the two-thirds majority in the House and Senate to override his veto.

    The reason there is not a bigger congressional majority to confront the Yemen issue- and with it the president's seemingly unchecked power to wage war without congressional approval- is that there are many members of Congress on both sides who are influenced by the kikes support for the Saudi's, and just as many who are beholden to Saudi political donations. No country spends more money on lobbying in Washington and on Capitol Hill than Saudi Arabia and its coalition partner in the war, the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

    Mr. "Trumps": How can you support, or, walk behind the murderers Mohamed bin Salman "B.S" who killed his own people, and sold the Arabs to the "Satan", and to the kikes prime Minister "Benjamin Netanyahu" who share with him a similar view of Meddle East politics, they see the war in Yemen as way of dragging Iran and their allies to wider conflict, and for him to be protected by the kikes, to stay in power; Bu not for long!!.

    It is worth noting that when the war began in 2015, there were 10 Arab nations involved, including Egypt, and Jordan, but as of today that figure has been reduced to four- the Saudis, UAE, Sudan, and Bahrain. The reason for nations peeling off was international outrage and the unchecked slaughter of Yemeni civilians. In just a few years, there have been 24,000 airstrikes and, aside from the massive death toll from those, tens of thousands have died from disease and starvation, the majority of them children and the elderly.

    Trumps's veto override of Congress's resolution coincided with the public leaking of French intelligence documents that exposed how the Saudis could not manage the war without French, U.S, and British weapons, as well as the constant support of spare parts.

    The leaked papers highlighted the lies French leaders had been telling their own people about the war. President Emmanuel Macron had insisted that French weapons were being used by the Saudis and their allies for purely defensive purposes. It was an outright lie. French weapons were used in the slaughter of civilians. For example, the powerful French CAESAR howitzer capable of launching shells deep into Yemen had been within range of 430,000 civilians. It was revealed that the Saudis had placed an order for another 126 CAESARs to be delivered before 2023.The leaked Intel also confirmed that French arms companies had provided the Saudis and the UAE with their most powerful tanks, helicopters, and missiles.

    The French government was so embarrassed by the report that it immediately ordered an investigation to find the person who leaded it into a French journalism site.

    Amnesty International was on of many organization that responded to the leak by calling on France and other Western nations to be more transparent and to halt sales of arms that were being used in war crimes.

    The French have not been alone in supplying some of the most advanced deadly weapons that have caused untold civilian casualties in Yemen, The leaked papers also pointed out that most of the planes flying over Yemen were NATO types such as F-15's, EU Tornado fighters, and British Typhoons. The majority of helicopters were Apache and Black Hawks, and many Saudi battle tanks were American Abrams. An incontrovertible fact is that French, American, and British arms companies have benefited tremendously from supplying the Saudis and their partners with an unlimited supply of weapons that have been used to slaughter innocent women and children.

    Sudden the White House moves in the Middle East sparked alarm in Congress. Wednesday, May 15th, 2019 as House Speaker "Nancy Pelosi" warned President Trump away from war with Iran and said:
    "President Trump has no business moving towards Middle East confrontation without approval from Congress". Also said: We have to avoid any war with Iran". She said that after the Trump Administration reviewed a plan to send 120,000 American troops to that aria!

    Finally Mr. President "TRUMP": You like it or not; these are the real news, act on it before it's too late!

    By "MONZERT ALKAssar- Abu Monawar". Syrian political hostage at American gulag prison, On Friday, May 17th., 2019.