My honest comments on the book, with facts; Not fictions or lies of "HE SAID AND SHE SAID!
    The stories collected from old fake news media, back 30-40 years; proved false long time ago, the world fed-up/bored hearing them! David: I thought you are better than that! An old Arabic Saying: You know the message from the title! Also,
    For the title, David: your email 7/6/2014 saying: "I'll be calling you "Arms Dealer" I know well the deference between Trafficker & Arms Dealer". You picked up the title from American article "The New Yorker" Feb.8/2010.
    I am not sure if you been corrupted by someone for his hidden agenda, or for commercial benefit! I asked you for the title many times but, you ignored my request in sneaky way. your email 6/3/2019,said:"I hade publisher for the book Nov/2018, they delaying me; after 2 months not interested". On 9/4/2019 said:The book will be released Sept/2019. I signed contract for the book, it will be published similar to: "Vanity Fair magazine"[El Senior de Las Armas].The title very interesting.
    Your justification for your sinister title; does not hold water!
    page(11) Saying: I am will known Arms Trafficker/maybe narco-trafficker. These are your words! I challenge you to come up with real evidence! You ignored what been written in my Achilles Lauro verdict 22/3/1995, highest court in Spain: "Monzer AlKassa has no criminal record. He is legal arms dealer, has the right to go after his accusers!"
    You could easily verified it with my attorneys in Madrid or, from court! Also, In my fabricated case in America was written in my Sentencing Report: No previous criminal record! So, What the reason to put all these B.S.?! Also, in FOI Request: #1181152-002-1/7/19, Subject: ALKASSAR MONZER said:
    "THE NARCOTIC CENTER OF THE DEA IN WASHINGTON HAD NOTHING ON MONZER ALKASSAR". You ignored all these facts, to poison the readers mind, relying on fake reports from corrupt/retired agent James Soiles, and his cronies, which show his animosity towards me and my country "SYRIA" because, being humiliated, arrested when presented false documents during his testimony on the stand under "OATH", in"Achille Lauro" trial 1995. The American Embassy rush to save him then, the court asked him to surround his diplomatic passport, ordering him not to leave Spain. He run away, and later on being
    moved to "Greece". Since then, he start his conspiracy for revenge! David: You were scared or instructed to ignore facts, and started looking for dirt on me/SYRIA, to please someone! This is not moral, unethical because, you dam will know James Soiles the one behind my fabricated case in America "law of Jungle".
    Before, and recently James Soiles with no shame said on C.N.N.: "BY HOOK OR CROOK WE MADE ALKASSAR'S CASE".
    I challenged corrupt DEA Agent James Soiles many times publicly in his own homeland to deny/or admit my accusation. He kept his mouth shot! if these accusations are real! Why he spent many years with his DEA cronies to fabricate my case and spending more than 50 million Dollars from tax payers to kidnap me from Spain with the two innocent people "Felipe Godoy, and Tareq Mussa AlGhazi" from Romania?! His big lies saying: I was arrested in Denmark for smuggling drugs into England; And I was arrested in Saudi Arabia in 1976 for smuggling arms. I have never been to Saudi Arabia at all! Also lied, I was a car thief in Italy; when he knew there is letter dated Sep.12/1994 to the high court in Madrid from England during my trial, signed by high British Custom and Excises "Rebutting" James Soiles false reports.
    David: You went further than that in pages (60,61,62, 63) viciously smearing "SYRIA", Me, and my Brothers in smuggling drugs/arms from Syria with Syrian officials. Shame on you! Syria is one of the hardest countries in the world on drugs and arms! My brothers, (Haitham- Mazen) well respected in Syria. I challenge you to come up with any illegal activities for them! My oldest brothers Ghassan passed away many years ago, and Haitham passed away few years ago. You have no moral religion for disrespecting dead people, who can't defend themselves! Shame! I do not know what religion you practice, for you to disrespect dead people! Ask 'GOD' for forgiveness! You crossed the RED LINE! You dam well know my family and 'Syria' are red line; for you to mention my family in page (200-201) relying on jealous "WHORE"! My family lived quite life far away from media before and after my arrest! People of Marbella love them/respect them! I call them by phone twice a week and nearly in daily bases by emails! I am strong because of their love and support all these years in incarceration!
    Our great Prophet "Mohamed "S.A.A.W." said: "IF YOU FEEL NO SHAME THEN; DO AS YOU WISH".
    I Accepted your interview because, Spanish attorney who I owe her a lot recommended you! In 12 years of my incarceration,
    I rejected all media offers!
    Having said that and to be honest in my evaluation of your book I can say: There is no doubt you put some real/positive facts about my "Torture" case in U.S.A., which is now at American Court in Indiana! also, some other positive things as well!
    David: I received copy of the false C.I.A./DEA Report you sent me which you relied on with all the 'B.S' against Syria, Me, and my Brothers, from Google 2012/o2/08. It's clear made up accusation to go with the American/foreign conspiracy dreaming to divide and break Syria. They failed Miserably. Reminded me of the "GOLDEN" reply of our first lady 'Assma al Ajras/Assad' in 'Tunes' 2012, when one of so called opposition asked her" "ARE you NOT AFRAID?" She replied calmly NO! Adding:
    David: In 2014, you were very interested in what going on in SYRIA? Your emails(26/1/2014-3/6/2014-7/6/2014- 8/6/2014), Asking me: Who is the biggest beneficiary to what is happening & Who is arming the rebels & Who will win the Syrian War & Who is my enemy?. I responded without fear When when every one thought Syrian Regime gone with the wind; with all the hostility from inmates around me I told you: Israel my worst enemy; benefiting from this dirty conspiracy.
    So called rebels armed by our enemy, it's too lat the problem expand beyond Syria.The traitors will pay severely and their masters for initiating this dirty war for their interest, not for the interest of Syrian People.
    I had no doubt, Syria, Army, and leadership finally will win, and only Syrian flag will be raised high on all our lands, the Syrian army with our allies will take back every inch took from us! The Kurdish will be thrown under the bus by the American, begging forgiveness to go back to their mother Syria! You waited until 2019 to publish the book hoping to prove me wrong!
    I was right in my sincere predictions! That what is happening now!

    Now, going to pass swiftly on some other "devilish" things being said in your book, and important events you ignored:
    A- In page (62-63-) falsely wrote: "I was prohibited 3 years to come to Spain (1988 until 1990) because of selling arms to terrorist org. and, because of my relation with the Palestinian HERO "Abu Abbas"Not TERRORIST"! You dam well know that Riffat Assad who asked your government for that to please him and his cronies! Even so, in reality I was allowed by the Spanish government to come/go freely when ever I wish, He was collaborating betraying Syria with the CIA! The American Congress said at that time: "Riffat Assad is our assets and America & Saud Arabia support him".
    If Abu Abbas was terrorist! Why the Spanish government kissed my butt to meet him, and, use to invite his high ranking P.L.F to come to Spain?! "Abu Abbas", is HERO, and paid his life for the Palestinian cause, and, being murdered at American prison in Iraq 8/3/2004!
    B-page (104) wrote, some "MARECON" told you that I was jealous from the Saudis!
    Well..Well, Jealous of what? Most of the Saudis royal family well known "Punks" No moral, treat people like slaves!
    David: you didn't have the balls to put my story with king "Salman", when he was the crown prince in 2005. I humiliated him in front of his people, security and the Spanish security at Puerto Banous-Marbella at the restaurant of Ms."Futton Bahsaley". I put my feet to his face, and he run to Futton complaining and came next day to apologize personally!
    C- You were scared to put the story of high Spanish official on behalf of the American went to Beirut to speak to the wife of "Abu Abbas" in my present! promising her Abu Abbas will be released at the end of (1993), and he is in very good health, the America can secure her visit to Iraq; She declined! He was murdered at American prison on 8/3/2004! David: Go to my email 30/6/2014.
    D- You didn't mention the immorality of "Chirac" delaying the release of the 3 French hostages in Lebanon 1988 till the time of presidential election; for him to gain more votes. My email 26/6/2014.
    E- You didn't mention the story of the corrupt Spanish judge in Marbella Court No #2 "Francisco Perez Cana (Paco)" in 2006, who been paid big amount of money from Riffat through his close friend (Son Of Olivia Valier- Disco Marbella) to stop my criminal case against him (481/2006), to withdraw the international warrant of arrest against Riffat dated 28/8/2006.
    He run away on 11/9/2006 by rented plane from Air-Taxi at Malaga Airport to Paris! Later on stayed more than 15 days in the sky in his plane hiding because, he was wanted by the Interpol. David: You went to Marbella to verify all these events! 'God' only knows for what reason you didn't write it! For sure, these are more interested to the readers than putting false old stories from fake reports!
    F- You ignored report from Washington Court saying: "The Israeli Mossad, and, the American Media trying to blame Syria, Iran, and Monzer AlKassar, for Lockerbie flight 103.
    G- You avoid, or being told not to speak to the most honorable Spanish "Agustin Linares" ex supdirector of the highest ranks in Spanish Police in 90s; who can confirm so many stories.. about Judge Garson, my case.. my true story of leaving Spain to "Algeria" (NOT TO SYRIA!!), with message from him to the leader "Abu Abbas" asking him for meeting also, for the trip of "Agustin Linares" with me to Syria after the verdict of my innocence, and the great reception he received in Syria, and the meeting with the Syrian Defense Minister, also, the story of the "Samsonite of explosive as per email 17/10/2018, and so on.., and the assassination attempt against me by two 'Mossad Agents' before my trial! He is the one who order my protection in Marbella and sent the special unit to protect me!
    David: What can you say for all that! It's clear evidence for changing the truth to fictions and false stories!
    H-The visit of high Security Officials to Syria Mr. Telesforo Rubio, and Jose Rafael Gomez, as per email Oct.17/ 2018!
    I- The visit of the Foreign Minister Moratience to Syria, to inform our great Foreign Minister Waleedd Mualem:
    Spain will not bow don to America for the fabricated case of Mr. Alkassar, and Spain will not extradite him! Read my email of 1/6/2014). When you interviewed him, he pretend that he had short memory!
    J- The message of Judge Garson to me few days before my kidnapping saying: He had lunch with Prime Minister Sabatero, who asked him to write legal bases to deny my extradition! Read my email of 1/6/2014. You didn't interview him! Corrupt Judge Garson be a man! I challenge you for all these stories and more to come of your visit to Beirut!
    K- Your devious intention page (76-78) referring to the events in 1985 to "Islamista", and the attack on "El Descanso" was "Islamic War"; When Spanish Government knows very well who behind them; and nothing to do with "Isalam".
    Judge Garson he did not dare to asked me about El Descanso because, he knows very well my reply!
    I will be writing soon on my Social Media, the true story and the involvement of the Spanish police hand in gloves with the Mossad for the attack on Palestinian hero "Zaki Helalo" in Madrid 1985-1986!

    David: You didn't edited your book! I will mention few false events, from many others:
    Pages 62-63 saying devilishly, my father was Ambassador in Poland & Bulgaria( to connect him to my arm Business)! I told you: in India and Kuwait! also, Abu Abbas is Syrian! page 70 my family left Syria 1966. page 77, 1987 been expelled from Spain and so on..

    Oct. 20/2019.