my reply to the message I received from prison inmates site, o

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    my name is givon snir . im a screen writer from tel aviv . im writing a script about the amia bombing in argentina and would like to ask you some questions
    looking forward

    This is my reply to the message I received from  prison inmates site, on February 2022:

    It took me many months to reply to your message! Now. Before considering to reply to your request, I want you to come clean! Why Now?! What questions you would like to ask!

    I am sure you know very well who am I ? And, my political views specially towards the:
    "PALASTIAN, and the PALASTINIAN PEOPLE " VICTIMS!!" Also, for my view of the Kikes (ZIONEST) illegal Occupations Forces for the land of Palestine.. Golan Hight's.. and Sheba Farms in South Lebanon!! Also for the Millions and Millions of the Palestinian People who are refugees all over the world because, they have/had  been thrown out of their own land in Palestine and, the Right for them to return as per the "UNITED NATION RESOLUTION 338 and 334."

    If you accept that then, I will think in debating you via " My Social Media Director in Holland Mr. Smolders", and, let the people of the world to see and judge openly who is the coward (S), and, who is right!

    Monzer AlKassar- SYRIAN POLITICAL "VICTEM" at Marion U.S.P.- C.M.U. Prison in Illinois- U.S.A.