Blog 4 de deciembre

  • I see the board next year but I don’t think I’m going to make it because of what I did at the last prison I was at before this one.


    August 2016 a coward decided he and a couple of his friends was going to beat, rob and rape a Colombian homie of mines.  I was not even mad about them ganging and robing my homie because that is what comes with la vida loca especially here in prison.  Anyways the cowards they had their fun with the homie until me and a few homies from different structures found out what happen.  We stab and beat one of the cowards.  The other cowards they checked into PC before we could get to them.


    In July of this year they served me and the homies with a indictment warrant for assault, 1st degree and persistent felony offender 11.  In Sept they offered us 15 yrs we told them they can box it up because we ain’t taking 15 yrs especially me 12+15=27 yrs, no gracias.  In Oct me and the homies took a plea for amended count 1:  promoting contraband, 1st degree because they said they don’t really care if inmates kill each other plus they did not have anybody who was willing to take the stand.


    There are a few more reasons why I might not make it when I go up to the board, si, puedes saber but you going to have to wait until my next blog to find out what they are, so until then viva la raza.