Blog 8 de diciembre

  • Sometimes I sit back and ask myself what went wrong in my life to make me feel like this jail life is the best life to live.  Believe it or not the only time I have ever been locked up was back in 2007 for knowingly driving with susp. lic.  I had a good job that paid well and I had side jobs that took care of my wants, so I ask again what went wrong.  I wonder if the board will take all this into consideration or will they only look at the fact that I have had 7 tickets for disrespectful language/gestures/actions towards non-inmates, and 4 tickets for making threatening or intimidating statements towards non-inmate.  I want y’all who are reading my blogs to understand that I fully accept whatever comes behind my actions here in prison and on the calle because I am a man before anything else but some ppl’s should not have jobs working in corrections because they don’t fully understand that they can’t say and do what they want to someone because that person is locked up.  Well, I hope my blogs are helping you to see the man behind the numbers and not the numbers behind the man.