Gauging and Staging Texas Prisoners deaths

  • Gauging and Staging Texas Prisoners deaths

    by and through medical tactics which are out side

    legal course of death executions


    Texas government has a special medical chronic care committee for prisoners having chronic care conditions whom exercise discretions in determining to extend protocol treatment.  Months ago 2017 and outside agency received a Prison Medical Complaint response letter, which indicated as follow:

    #1.  They’re being aware of the serious chronic medical condition.

    #2.  Not extending the available treatment for the condition. 

    #3.  The committee medically aware of the advancing condition causing serious physical and irreparable harm to the prisoner which harm medically known to result death.  Observing the prisoner annually as those medical circumstances occurred.


    If I may proceed

    American athletes kneeling and not appearing for the national anthem from and unprofessional opinionated standpoint they’re efforts are significant.  But!  Current and former U.S. Presidents can in some sense justify the disgruntlness of athletes conduct.  Two reasons.  1. They can legitimately hide behind the facts of not possessing the special powers of knowing when or where, inflamed isolated police incidents will erupt.  2. No matter how propagandist rules policies and procedures intensify for police.  We not going to be happy with any reoccur-incident.  Law enforcement must exist in every society bottom line.  I’m totally in favor of the American citizens who protest police and criminal justice system abuse.  Though foreseeable future I’m not sure the government or sports stadiums would intervene with the national anthem for sake of protesters.


    I’ve set out in the foregoings deliberate measures Government and prison directors carry out inhumanly against deemed unfit for society prisoners.  Prison committee stare into the face of prisoners via tella medi screen and say “no you can’t have treatment” or you’re on the waiting list but no idea when you’ll be treated.