Hello There Friends

  • Hello There Friends


    Prison Inmates Online is the only way to make such a grand appearance and shine at all cost.  I post this blog to point out a different aspect of things revealed directly in profile.  This is where you see that each and everyone of us laugh to keep from crying.

    Overall it has changed my life.  To get out the game and do something positive.  I believe in forgiveness.  Never did I believe in holding the past over anyone’s head.  I believe experience is the best teachings.  We all make mistakes and learn from them.


    Throughout all the hardship, I keep faith alive, searching and praying for someone I can build with.  Someone who knows we can share our experiences and help each other to do better.  I’m looking for a real friendship.  Someone who’s tired of being lied to and tired of getting hurt.  So if you fed up with the bull and looking for that special someone to be honest with you no matter what, then we’re on the same page.


    Therefore, let’s learn a little more about each other.  I promise you’re in good hands like All State insurance Co.  Age, weight or looks is not of my interest when it comes to building something that’s real like friendship or love.  If it feels right, then write me in any shape, form or fashion that suits you best.  The weak shows hesitation and doubt while the strong have an air of confidence and assurance.


    Mr. Coe ~